Reflect dmg + spirit vessel + moratorium

Bug Report
Pasting from ptr:

Reflect damage killed my HC WD and spirit vessel didn't proc. The issue might involve delayed damage from moratorium.

I died running away (like a coward) so it's hard to say what part of the damage was the fatal one. There weren't any projectiles around that I could see nor any affixes other than reflect damage active when I died. I had some pets out: big poison zombie dog and a fetish sycophant or 2. Other skills that could have been involved are zombie piranhas and addling toads. As far as items go I had the spirit vessel passive from the hellfire amulet and it had saved me many times before. So my educated guess is the bug has something to do with the reflect mechanic and delayed damage from moratorium gem. I would try to replicate the bug if I could, but since I'm playing HC that is impossible now.

I was running back to regen and about to use the potion when suddenly I died without the spirit vessel passive proc.

So the delayed damage dot still doesn't proc spirit vessel on live, so thanks for not fixing the bug. Yea I just died to the same !@#$ on live.
Similar problem is happening for Crusaders. Our "cheat death" passive will trigger, but it leaves you at 1 HP and makes you immune to damage...other than moratorium, apparently. As soon as it goes off, you die to the dot anyway.
So maybe all classes with cheat death passive are affected then? Blizz please fix.
It is. The delayed damage doesn't proc my unstable anomaly or firebirds meteor insurrection.
The issue still remains so moratorium is useless on hc atm. Please fix.

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