Witch doctor skill issues (constructed, not about pets)

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First of all I am not going on about pets.. Nor I am trying to compare WD to any other class..

I think there are enough complaints and stuff about them and I stand neutral.

I am here raising a few other concerns to the balance(?) of WD skills

1. Acid cloud.

Firstly thanks for buffin the primary skills. They are actually usable now. But this brings another problem.

Acid cloud's attack is 300% with 360% over 3 seconds non stackable.
Look at splinters: 330% attack (piercing with legendary item)
or leaping spiders: 670% attack over 2~3 seconds (Stackable)

even though AC is an area skill... the damage is now too low compared to free primary skills.

Especially this skill takes close to 1/4~1/3 of our whole mana bar per cast..

Suggestion: Either lower mana cost and make stackable, or buff the damage to make it more appealing.

2. Mass confusion.

Mass confusion used to serve a good purpose. It is a selection of either this or Horrify. And thanks to the horrify fix (monsters no longer run away from you making them harder to hit) Horrify now completely dominate Mass confusion since horrify fears the bunch and MC only confuses 6 out of the 50 that is surrounding you...

Suggestion is to make Mass confusion only work on white mobs but make the effect permanent until the next time Mass confusion is casted. So the 6 monsters will then become pets and decays when the next time MC is casted.

To restrict the amount of pets that flood the floor. Maybe an "either or" mech can be put in place, so when MC is casted Z-dogs,Guan,fetishes dies. And if Z-dogs/Guan/fetish is casted the confused monsters dies. I'll leave that to discussion.

3. Hex.

Hex used to be useful

This is when the monster density is low and Hex normally finishes cd before the next elite. It is now completely useless as more often than not, it is on cd when fighting elites. In additon, since you have no control over who the little shaman hexes, he often hex the wrong guys..

Suggestion: Make Hex a permenent unkillable follower giving a small buff like the DH pets. And when casted it hexes the desired target/targets.

These are just a few suggestions to improve on some skills that are once wonderful and now gone to utterly useless..

I do believe this will be drowned by all the complaint threads though..

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