Patch 2.1 Cliff Notes – What’s New and How Does it Work

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Patch 2.1.0 releasing in Americas Region Tuesday 26 Aug 2014 at approximately 1pm PDT.

Edit! Seasons start Friday 29 August
    Asia: 9:00 a.m. PDT 30 August (1:00 a.m. KST, UTC +9)
    Europe: 12:00 p.m. PDT (9:00 p.m. CEST, UTC +2)
    Americas: 6:00 p.m. PDT (UTC -10)

Please note that these times are tentative and subject to change. If they do, we will be sure to update this thread.

Patch 2.1 Cliff Notes – What’s New and How Does it Work?

If you want info fast but have not had time to watch interviews or read all the preview blogs and patch notes try here first! This will be updated as new info and patch notes are released.

Greater Rifts (G-Rifts):
    -Both Seasonal and Non-Seasonal heroes can compete in G-Rifts
    -To start, get a Keystone of Trials which is a random drop from Torment Rift Bosses on a lvl 70 hero.
    -Complete the Trial Rift (difficulty level is not dependent on game difficulty) to receive a Greater Rift Keystone
    -WARNING: Hardcore characters that die in Trial Rifts are permanently dead
    -Enter Greater Rift and kill mobs until Rift Boss spawns (loot only drops off G-Rift boss)
    -Legendary Gems drop from G-Rift bosses and can be used in rings and amulets. Edit- Boon of the Hoarder can also drop from Baroness of Greed.
    -List of Legendary Gems
    -Beat the timer to move to a higher Greater Rift Level
    -NPC Urshi will grant you one of two options when you complete your G-Rift – Upgrade Gem or Upgrade Keystone. You can only pick one. Upgrading the gem will end the G-rift run and require a new Keystone of Trials to start over.
    -Progress will be automatically posted to Leaderboards
    -Patch 2.1 Greater Rifts Preview

    -Leaderboards are reset each new Season
    -Seasonal heroes start fresh with no gold, no Artisans, no gear, no Paragon levels
    -Seasonal heroes require a free character slot to create
    -Seasonal heroes have access to not only G-Rift Leaderboards, but also Seasonal Achievement Leaderboards, and Seasonal Challenge Leaderboards
    -If you have previously unlocked Adventure Mode then it WILL be available when Seasons start for your new seasonal hero.
    -New Seasonal legendaries (10) drop in Seasons (will drop in non-seasons after Season ends)
    -New Seasons-only transmogs unlock automatically at the Mystic when you hit for 70 on your Seasonal hero. [Edit] These can not be earned outside seasons, but will be available on all game modes (seasonal and non-seasonal) once earned.
    -Season duration will be a “few months”
    -All Paragon XP, gold, and gear from the shared stash earned in Seasons will be transferred to your main characters when the Season ends.
    -Gear arrives via a little envelope in the bottom left by the chat window
    -Your Seasonal hero will become a non-seasonal hero when the Season ends
    -Stash tabs paid for, or Artisan levels earned, in Seasons roll over to non-season if they are higher than what you have
    -There will be small breaks between Seasons during which time you can clean up inventory and can still view Leaderboard results from the Season that just ended.
    -Patch 2.1 Seasons Preview

    -Available for Clans, Classes, and Groups of 1 to 4 players. Compare yourself against others of your Clan, your Class, or groups of the same size.
    -Leaderboards are wiped at the start of each new Season
    -G-Rift Leaderboards are open to Seasonal and Non-Seasonal heroes. They are ranked separately. Rank is based on who can run the highest level G-Rift in the quickest time during the Season. You have all season to get your best time in.
    -Challenge Leaderboards and Seasonal Achievement Leaderboards are open to Seasonal heroes only
    -Unlike G-Rift Leaderboards, Challenge Leaderboards are for the first 1000 to accomplish the task. Speed does matter on them.

Goblin Realm:

    -Sell price of health potions and dyes reduced to 1 gold
    -Life on Hit for the top 4 ranks of Amethysts increased
    -Upgradeable Legendary Gems added as a drop from G-Rift Bosses. Once you have one accessible to a hero(equipped, follower, or stash) it will not drop again for that hero.
    -New item Ramalandni’s Gift added. Will allow player to add a socket to a weapon. Info
    -2 hand weapons will be improved. The change is retroactive to existing items in inventory
    -Many old legendary items changed and legendary affixes added. Most of these changes are NOT retroactive. You need to find a new item with the exception of some very rare Legendaries. See patch notes for full details
    -Many Class set items changed. These changes are retroactive
    -For Barbarians - shoulders, chest, and two-handed mighty weapons can now roll Furious Charge and Call of the Ancients damage.
    -New Seasonal Legendary items added. At the end of the Season these will drop in non-seasonal play
    -The Skeleton King will now drop the Leoric's Crown the first time you kill him from level 11 to level 65
    -Excellent Diablofans Item Preview Post with the changes

    -Many Class skills have changed. See Patch notes for details
    -New stash tab added for RoS players
    -A new map called Cesspools has been added to regular and G-Rifts
    -Many Achievements revised and bugs fixed. This includes the addition of Swamp Hawks.
    -Rifts now cost 1 Keystone per person to enter
    -Some Bounties now have reduced XP and gold rewards
    -You will no longer be put into a Rift game where the guardian has been killed
    -A new option has been added to display an icon that indicates an item's rarity (Colorblind feature requested by players)
    -Several other UI changes – see Patch Notes

Infernal Machine:
    -A new reward has been added: The Hellfire Amulet
    -Will randomly roll a passive appropriate to your class
    -Recipe is available for purchase from Squirt in Act II for 5 million gold
    -Requires the same materials to craft as the Hellfire Ring plus 10 additional Forgotten Souls

    -Salvage All items in Backpack options added. There are three buttons - salvage all regular (white), salvage all magic, salvage all rare. Blacksmith must be max level.
    -Magic item costs reduced for crafting Legendary and Set bracers from 120 to 72
    -Transmogrified Class Set items can now be returned to their original appearance
    - Class-restricted appearances can now be applied to any item of the same slot. If an item that has been transmogrified with a class-restricted appearance is equipped on a class that isn't normally able to equip the item to which the appearance belongs, the base appearance will be used instead

1. 17 June 2014 - PTR Preview
2. 13 Aug 2014 – Patch 2.1 Goblin Realm Preview
3. 13 Aug 2014 - PTR Patch Notes Updated
4. 15 Aug 2014 – Patch 2.1 Seasons Preview
5. 22 Aug 2014 – Patch 2.1 Greater Rifts Preview
6. Tavern Talk Developer Interview -
7. Final 2.1 Patch Notes –
Paragon 35? If forums gave out paragon I'm betting you would be closing in on 1000.

I sure hope they revisit Trials, it's till not good enough imo.
gl hf
08/25/2014 02:04 PMPosted by MissCheetah
-Upgradeable Legendary Gems added as a drop from G-Rift Bosses. Once you have one it will not drop again.

so they are BOP ?

is there higher earned xp potential coming in 2.1 ?
08/25/2014 02:49 PMPosted by DrEbola
so they are BOP ?

The gems are BOA. As for XP, Blizzard has not commented on it. Some Bounties were lowered, but G-Rifts grant XP so that may balance things out.
Interesting thread, I do like having info all in one place :) Thanks for this, are you planning on updating regularly? Oops, just reread and skimmed over the part where you are. Awesome
Thank you for this post. :)
nice summary MsC, looking forward to 2.1 for sure!
08/25/2014 04:18 PMPosted by Dispirit
nothing new added to the game at all. got it...more rifts and chance to reroll from scratch for absolutely no reason! wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Game's crap anyway, why do you still play it?
<span class="truncated">...</span>
Game's crap anyway, why do you still play it?

do I? hmmm maybe someone hacked my account because I haven't logged on in months.

What are you waiting for? PvP? Man, that might be a long wait you got ahead of you. By the way, your last login was July 24th. So, a month sounds right.
Great post Miss. Are you married and a gurl? ;))~~~>>
Great post Miss. Are you married and a gurl? ;))~~~>>

I certainly hope so. A guy with Miss in their name would be weird. Plus, I've been finding her sass to be a bit of a turn on. Hate to find out it's a guy. Please don't be a guy Miss Cheetah!
08/25/2014 04:24 PMPosted by Wolverine
Great post Miss. Are you married and a gurl? ;))~~~>>

So glad school starts next week for children
<3 love ya babe

Love is such a bold term. At least take me out to dinner first.
Gender is pretty irrelevant on forums and in games, but I am not a guy. I have used MissCheetah for a very long time and it was my name in D2.

Story - I was a Cross Country and Track runner in HS and friends jokingly called me Cheetah Woman. This translated to using Cheetah in our Pencil & Paper tabletop games like D&D and Shadowrun. Esp Shadowrun. Come D2 I needed a name. Cheetah was taken. I was a teacher at the time so went with MissCheetah. Pretty mundane story but there you have it.

Glad some of you find the summary helpful. I will update with any new info and of course am open to suggestions if I missed anything critical that people need to know at a top level/quick glance.
Maybe because she is Technical Support she doesn't need to play the game? Paragon 35?

My question is, how can anyone who has a level 45 Demon Hunter that does 6K damage tell me anything about the class I play? For 600 Paragon levels on three accounts?
Thanks OP for the great info, can't wait to get back into the game!


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