No Time for Losers achievement still bugged!

Bug Report
Same here.
same here
same here.
Same here.
Same here.
<-- m2 (EU)

Has anybody tried to redo all of them? I haven't had the time.
Blizzard, run the checkbox script for this achivment please
Same here.
Mine is bugged as well. Fully checked (had them all except swamp hawk pre-patch) and not granted.
The softcore version was rightfully granted.

Please fix.
Same here
Hardcore still bugged
Well I just managed to complete this one in season. Tough time to find Executioner and Revenant Archer btw. It has been properly granted for season but still not for the broken and bugged career achievement. I really thought the season one will repair or trigger the career one. Sadly not.
Pls fix this with a hotfix asap, I think that wouldn't be big effort though. Thank you in forward!

Hi guys, today i noticed that the "No Time For Losers" achievement is no more bugged for me. It is fully lighted and i got credits (40 points). I haven't see any in-game notification, I only saw the achievement in the list unlocked, so I can't give you any tips for fixing it. I hope that the issue will be resolved for you too, meanwhile good game and have fun:)

I can confirm this. I got the achievement when I created a new game with my non-seasonal HC character. I got notification on screen.

This was after the today's maintenance.
Apparently I would have had it credited before today, but I had not logged onto my hardcore character. Making a new game granted the achievement immediately. No more missing achievements, hooray!

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