I got a goblin vault to spawn..then Poof its gone!

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Finally, I got a goblin vault to spawn. I walk a few yards away to grab legendary and turn around and poof its gone? 5-6 seconds is all it stays open?
Seems like a timer would have been nice to let you know it is about to poof or perhaps i dunno..KEEP it OPEN for more than a few seconds...what was the thinking behind that blizzard? Let's make a fun new realm for players to explore if they get lucky and make it spawn and for sheer delight, let's not tell warn them it will close within a few seconds of spawning. It is either a really annoying bug or horrible design..wandering which is it?
Did you kill the second goblin.... or was your "portal" that one escaping.....?

I'll break it down for ya real slow since you seem to be..
I kill goblin.
Door opens.
I grab legendary.
Door gone.
The portals don't disappear permanently if you move away. They reappear once you close in on where it was before. I know this because I TP to town to switch to my GF gear for the Vault and go back and I can see the portal "rematerializing" as if it just spawned for the first time.
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Awesome. Thanks for the heads up Tias.
08/30/2014 08:26 PMPosted by Thorgrimn
real slow since you seem to be..

08/30/2014 08:41 PMPosted by TheTias
The portals don't disappear permanently if you move away.
Sounds like what you saw was the portal the goblin used to escape. It vanishes pretty quick. The one that opens after you kill the goblin will still be there much later if you come back unless you remake the game.

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