Electrocute and Gem On-Hit Effects

Bug Report
Unlike the other primary wizard skills, electrocute does not continue to generate the "on-hit" effects of legendary gems. You get the effect once, no matter how long you continue to cast and hit enemies. In contrast, Life-on-hit seems to work properly, giving you a constant flow of healing as you hold down the cast button..

I removed all life regen and life on hit and did some testing on Torment 1. I have rank 25 of "Simplicity's Strength" equipped. The "on hit" benefit is "Primary skills heal you for 2% of maximum health on hit." When you hold down the cast button, you get an initial tick of healing, then nothing. I made sure my life was down far enough that additional healing was needed, but it never came unless I stopped casting electrocute and restarted the cast. Then I got another 2% heal.

This behavior does not occur for the other primary skills (magic missle, shock pulse, spectral blade), perhaps because they reanimate as they repeat. The bug occurs for every rune variation of electrocute.

I saw similar behavior from another legendary gem proc. Gogor of swiftness does not build stacks of attack speed while continuing to cast Electrocute. You may get one stack, but no more unless you release the button to recast or cast another spell.

Clearly this is a bug since life on hit works properly and the other primary skills work properly. Please look into this ASAP, as this makes electrocute builds difficult to use with any "on hit" effect gems (including Wreath of Lightning, Zei's Stone, Mirinae). This is very annoying to learn after taking the time to rank one of these gems up to 25! And certain items such as Myken's Ball of Hate are quite specific to electrocute.
Bump, I'd like to continue playing my electrocute wiz but with this bug it wouldn't be near as effective as it should.
Bump! I just leveled my simplicity's strength and noticed the life regen only does work once. However I do see how with velvet camarel and ball of hate how this gem would be too OP. Does anyone know if Zei's or other gems proc properly? From my understanding the proc for stun works on all enemies electrocute jumps to or at least that's what it looks like when I'm stunning mobs with electrocute and paralysis. Confirm?
No wonder the spell fails to re-trigger on hit effects, the spell itself isn't recasted.

You know how the spell locks onto a monster even if you move the cursor away but keep the button pressed? This doesn't happen with electrocute, the spell is never actually updated and if you move your mouse away it will follow.

Same thing applies to monsters' death. Normally if you keep channeling a spell and the monster dies, the casting stops, with electrocute it's like the monster doesn't exist, very related to the problem above, of course.

This needs fixing as it not only hinders the build around this skill, but it's extremely annoying to have to follow a specific monster with your cursor when there's a whole lot of them.
The bug is still not fixed as of 2.1.1
Update on this:

Each target it bounces to will trigger on hit effect; or rather, each additonal target will increase the chance of getting an effect. I tested this with gogok.

However there's definitely no reset of trigger chances when cast on the same target repeatedly without releasing the button.

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