Why not just farm Diablo??

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Just finished fighting Diablo again (master mode cause I'm skeer of T1 and T2 diablo haha)

But, he dropped a ton of chit when I killed him and it takes less time to take him out than the whole area of field of misery. I got a legendary but it was a 2hander I couldn't use. A whole lot of other stuff and gold of course. So how's come you don't just farm him over n over?
Keep doing it and you'll find out why we don't do it.
She* her*
You want to farm, run rifts.
I was wondering this myself having come back to the game just recently and remembering how gear was farmed in D2. Turns out you only get a nice amount of loot and maybe a unique on "first kill's". So it's only worth killing final act bosses once per new campaign. I guess it's nice to have a chance at uniques and set items anywhere in the world but at the same time gives little reason to play campaign mode. Honestly I'm not sure why they don't just leave it to player choice. It'd be nice to be able to play campaign mode over and over and get geared just as good as playing adventure mode. They've come a long way since release and I wouldn't put it past them if they were to implement this at some point, just like open world pvp which I'm still hopeful for :)
You can play campaign over and over, nothing is stopping you from gearing that way.
Can you delete this post please??? Please don't let out this secret before Blizzard nerfs Diablo!!!
Remember now I only have the origional version of Diablo III so I can't really farm rifts an adventure mode stuff. I have to farm what is available to me. As far as over n over it's not true for zones then because I do Fields of Misery most of the time and get good or better loot each time I run it. Up to 3 legs and 10 gems. I get a lot of mats materials if I play Master mode but don't get much of anything if I play T1 or T2. I just noticed that Diablo dropped some pretty neat stuff and this is the 2nd time I've killed him. I'll try one more time to see if there's a big difference in the loot. But, perhaps if you don't have ROS you don't get penalized like you all are saying happens. ;)) More loots for me. ;))
I still need a few legendaries and then I guess I want green sets of stuff. I am able to craft something in green but it's low quality. I got a high legendary bracer though from crafting. You can see it on my character now. :))

I must say Diablo was a pushover in Mastermode just with the stuff I have right now. He couldn't even phase me with his elemental stuff and I lost no life at all. Basically stood toe to toe with him till he died using the skills and traits I have up now.

One thing I can't seem to find are good Legs with sockets. Good stats like I already have but I'd like some open sockets to put all these gems I have into. ;))
09/01/2014 06:50 PMPosted by Wolverine
So how's come you don't just farm him over n over?

Because we have RoS?

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