Re-Rolls on Mystic doesn't show All Res

Bug Report
Since launch of patch, anytime I tried re-rolling a mod on pre 2.1 or post 2.1 pants, boots, belt, etc, All res never shows as a possible modifier to roll.
Might have something to add in to this:
I have noticed this happen to my boots a couple of times, but only when the item has a specific set of existing stats: Primary, Vitality and Armor (plus whatever other stat).
Normally, to optimize the gear I would re-roll the armor for All Res, but it doesn't show as an option.
A friend just told me that apparently if the item has a secondary mod of +XXX to a single res, you won't be able to re-roll any of the primary mods to all resist (because of monks). I am baffled because I swear I have re-rolled a bunch so far when the secondary mods were a single res haha

ugh. Close this topic :(

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