Any success with FoTVP yet?

Title. Anyone gotten above grift 30+ using this and seismic slam of any build?
Only one I have is the older version, but I might be able to make it work with something, I have already been a little bored lately so I am testing all sorts of builds now.
Rift 32 every time... And, that's when I get super #$#%@ monster types everytime.
Wonder if leapquake w/ that passive that gives tons of fury + fotvp /seismic slam as spender would work.
Fury is not an issue...FoTVP seismic slam spam is easily achieved with IK/EQ combo (CoTA - Ancients Fury; see my female barb). I was messing around with the physical build....T6 is a cake walk but I don't think it can compete with the Raekor vile build (male barb). I need to give fire SS a try again.

Just had a decent 32... cleared :D

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