What is the Rift Guardian guarding?

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By the time he appears, you've already broken in, sacked the place, and killed a thousand of his minions.

What makes him a 'guardian'? and not just some guy who only appears when there's nothing left to lose?
His vanity.
He obviously is guarding legendary set gem goodies from dropping..... and goblin portals from appearing. Now that you mention it, I HATE that guy.
09/01/2014 04:09 PMPosted by grakky
and goblin portals from appearing

Its OP that Rift Guardians prevent gob portals. Needs a nerf
The illusion of content in D3 :^)
His Koolaid
After you sack a kingdom, what's left? The king?
But he's technically not really a king of much of anything by that point.

By the same token, there's the Rift Guardian. You killed everything, and he's the only one left.
We didn't sack anything. Drops are not a Greater rifts luxury. So the Guardian is obviously guarding the loot.
It's guarding the exit from the matrix. The rift is a dream and we're fighting monsters from our memories, trying to escape, trying to wake up.
Id assume the Rift Guardian is guarding the rift you are in, but probably was asleep or out back having a smoke when he realized someone was in his rift trashing the place.

I think the whole lore (lol lore) of it is that its HIS realm you are in, and killing his party guests will make him mad enough to show up in person...or something.

Either way I love the system and mechanic...just wish they dropped greater rift shards a bit more...10k rift kills (ive run a bunch) and not one yet.
He was busy doing his tax. It's a financially busy time of the year if you're an RG.
He's guarding two Crap yellow items, 3 pieces of arcane dust, a marquise amethyst, and 3012 gold. Yes, he's a poor douche.

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