My achievements Are gone!

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I just updated to 2.1.0 and all my achievements are gone and where it should say "Achievements" I says "!!Missing!! - 0"
As are mine. Says "Game Data" goes here or something like that. Glad I am not the only one!
cant have a big realease without problems i guess. same thing for me

"Achievements" I says "!!Missing!! - 0"
I copy. Would gladly provide screenshot.
Achievements are missing for me as well. Could be the seasons tab, could be the FoS changes, could be anything at this point. I'm just worried because I ended up picking up A Prisoner's Journal and didn't get credit for anything.

I tried the "easy fix", even going so far as to restart the client. No change.
Yep; same here. Blargh.
All of mine are gone as well. Shows !!Missing!!
Here is a screenshot of the issue:
same for me... achievements are missing and recenty completed are not awarded...
Hello Wyatt, we have a problem here :).
I'm also having the same issue as well as not having the option to make a seasonal character.
Do any of you own Reaper of Souls? I am a Vanilla-only player experiencing this issue.
I have Reaper of Souls, same issue here.
Same here. Kinda worrying. Hope they fix it soon!
yup CAREER says 0 and "missing" had like 6k I hope they get that fixed soon
Just updated, same issue with the big fat !!MIssing!! alert. Hope they were backed up somewhere!
I'm missing my achievements too and all the rewards are unlocked for my banner. Granted I do want to use some of the rewards but I know I didn't earn some of them.

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