stampede needs a hotfix!!!!

Stampede needs to travel unhindered through walls and other environmental objects like heavensfury. Depending on the map you get in rifts you can get screwed.

i love this build and this is my biggest concern for it.
It's definitely a major PITA when you're in crowded areas. Depending on what difficulty/rift level, if I'm facing a waller/in a narrow area, I'll go up to melee range ala shotgun style - that way, I can hit them with most if not all the horses.

You can also keep around the kulle-aid potion to burst through walls.
yeah I am loving the build so far. For a zoo-sader, using summons with this skill provides for a good balance between survivability/dps/team play. However, been in 4 g rifts so far where monsters with waller affix completely screwed me.
Wallers are def our kriptonite.
I annoyed my group with this just earlier. I think I could do with it going through walls, remove the knockback, keep the stun. Or make it a knockup instead of knockback.

It's quite fun tho!
walls and generally any kind of corners really suck, but man is this build fun. now if only i could get a ramaldi to drop...
keep this thread going. zoosader need this to be competitive.

Needs to be updated to behave like heaven's fury beams.
Aside from not going through Waller affixes the bigger problem I noticed in greater rifts was floating mobs that would stand on top of "rubble" IE Act V maps and you couldn't hit me that's a major issue more so than the waller. Cause, they could still attack/hit me but my horses would stop at the base of the rubble and do no damage.

Also yes, it should be knock up instead of knockback because of the issue above you can push floating mobs off the walkable area of the map and then you can't hit them anymore.
I agree with all of the above. The pathing needs to be fixed!!
yeah I'll just go ahead and +1; LOVE the build, HATE the pathing/collision issues -_-

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