WTB/WTT Tall Man's Finger ring

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I have lots of lvl 70 WD gear- jade pieces, pet damage Mask of Jeram, Helltooth set, RORG (Int.), etc....

If you have this ring and you're willing to trade, just let me know what you're looking for. Oh, and I'm on 360.

Thanks :)

PS: I'm looking for Quetzalcoatl too, but my first priority is this ring.
I have the tall man. Gonna need that RoRG though...
Just saw the 360 bit. Sorry. I'm on the ps4.
Got a lvl 70 tall mans finger on 360 mate. Need jade harvesters gloves and mask of jeram if it has high pet damage.

Please reply. Thanks my gt is l3m0nh3ad (o is a zero)
Hey, thanks for the replies! I actually already found the ring, but I'm still looking for that Quetzalcoatl mask.

Willing to trade/buy. Thanks in advance, and happy farming!

I'll trade my quetzacoatl if you will offer me jade gloves?
I'll send you an addy, lem0nhead :)
sent :)
K mate cool I'll be on in an hour or so. Anything else u need? Wouldn't mind upgrading my jeram as it's only 80 percent and my rorg isn't int rolled...
Honestly, all I'm really looking for is a lvl 70 Quetzalcoatl. I have one extra Jeram, but I don't think it would be an upgrade for you- only 75%dmg, with crit chance and a socket.

The extra Rorg is already gone. :/ Sorry about that.

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