Wand of Woh

Wanted to run this by with ya'll before I make my final decision. The Wand of Woh's hyperactive gamestlye suits me along with it being damn good fun. That being said, I'm looking for a set to invest in. Which set best pairs with a EB/Frost Nova/Spec Blade rotation?
Im curious what the best firebird/woh build is now.
08/26/2014 06:41 PMPosted by Juicehouse

as soon as they'll get it fixed for real ^^
Im hearing flame blades with Bone chill or Spell Steal and Flame Blades. Audacity/Unwavering Will or Audacity/Elemental, now here's the tricky part Deflection or Force Weapon? Also Pinnpoin or Prismatic. If you need the extra CC to reach 50% then you'd probably have to take deflection along with unwavering will and of course Dominance. Again, this is from my experience alone. That's why I asked for others to chime in. I can tell you for a fact after this latest patch, there is a noticeable change in damage output.
I like running it Flame Wards AT,

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