I beg you, please reconsider the Hellfire event

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Farming for the Hellfire amulet is a tedious process, not coming close to feeling enjoyable or having a reasonable reward/time structure. Whoever thought 50% was an adequate drop rate for both keys and organs on the highest difficulty should actually try playing the game to see how incredibly tedious it is.

I spent an insanely large amount of time prior to 2.1 farming keys. When 2.1 arrived, I have 5 full organ sets and 100 key sets available. Thankfully, I play a crusader and can quickly scan the zones for key wardens - which if I had to guess would probably take me about 3 minutes per run on average. Unfortunately, with a 50% drop rate to acquire one full set of keys takes about 8 runs on average. Typically speaking, you need to bring in 2x full key sets to a group as it takes 2 full runs on average to get the necessary organs to acquire an amulet. That's 16 runs at 3 minutes a piece or 48 minutes just to acquire enough keys to roll 1 single amulet, add in the time between games, to find the group, kill the ubers and its probably about close to 1 hour per roll. That of course assumes you are a crusader or demon hunter and can very quickly scan zones to find the key wardens.

The RNG does not end there, and as I have seen many people in ubers games claim "its RNG on RNG on RNG". People typically have 5 passives they know they want, and maybe 1 passive that they would find acceptable and willing to use (to be generous). So now that's 6 out of 18 passives that need to be rolled on the amulet for it to even be considered (assuming that the passives have an even chance of rolling this is only 1/3 of amulets). So now this brings the effective time to find a "useful" Hellfire amulet to 3 hours per. On top of that, the rolls typically need to involve 2 of the following 3 stats or they are immediately trashed: crit chance, crit damage, socket, or elemental damage.

I don't really understand why these choices were made. The original Hellfire ring was an incredibly successful event, because people capable of farming it on MP10 were able to guarantee drops of both keys and organs and actually felt that their time was well spent. I have recently used up 48 of my original 100 key sets doing a large number of uber games, and I have yet to group with someone in all the groups I've taken part of who actually thinks 50% is a reasonable drop rate.

I also have friends at lower torments, and I won't even begin to describe how frustrating even just key farming is for them.

I do understand that the Hellfire amulet is an endgame item and they shouldn't be dropping like candy, but there is way too much time currently involved in acquiring all the ingredients just to craft 1 amulet with an extremely high chance of failure on craft.

My optimal suggestion would be to revert to the old, and very successful, system of 100% drop rate of keys and organs at the highest difficultly. They could have a 16.66% drop at Torment 1, 33.33% drop at torment 2, etc, leading up to 100% at Torment 6.

Alternatively, if you are dead set on keeping the meta game for these the same tedious grind it currently is I offer a second suggestion: instead of 50% drop rate on keys and organs, make it 100% but require 2x key sets to craft a machine and 2x sets of organs to craft an amulet or ring. This would at very least greatly help alleviate the extremely annoying variance that occurs.
Just ran 1 round of each of the 4 realms on T6 and did not get a single organ for any of the 4 events.

RNG is RNG, but I agree with that OP that it is quite tedious and frustrating especially considering this is on the highest difficulty.

Why should only the highest difficulty see any love in regards to the RNG stacking. It takes a considerably hardcore player to be on T6 and most casual players in the torment levels are probably on 1-3. Why continue to make it an absurdly long grind for them but much easier for those in T6. I agree that the highest difficulty should without a doubt provide the best rewards, but we shouldn't only fix RNG layering on the highest level of difficulty.
My friend and I have each done 5 Ubers on T3 and neither one of us has even seen an organ yet. It's not exactly encouraging us to keep trying.
What is the group that is doing T6 organ Runs?
Serious if group can give higher chance.
on Solo, I am getting about 20% chance for an organ.
Dont run ubers or keywardens til you can farm T6 safely. Doing them on lower torments is inefficient and your time is better spent farming for the gear needed for T6.

And have a swiftmount crusader or danneta DH.
I'll likely never do it, the reward isn't great enough since you'll spend hours farming for it and then it will have crap stats.

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