The game is messy, can't see anything.

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Some efforts have been made in the recent patch (transparency for pets). I sincerely appreciate it. But it's far from being enough.

In vast, open areas, the game is perfectly fine. But in narrow areas, the visual effects make this game a chore to play. Cesspools are the pinacle of "not understanding whats going on".

1. Allow me to make my own pets transparent.
2. Nerf the visual effects of all classes.

In D2, the game was as messy, BUT there weren't any thunderstorms, arcanes, poison, etc on the ground.

How are we supposed to avoid special effects from elites when we can BARELY see them. Combine your messy screen with lag and a part of the fun has been taken away.

I want my character to look cool, and use cool looking abilities, but not at the cost of keeping me from using my skill to evade attacks because I can't see them coming.

Note: Solo-only players can't comment about this.
Options > Video > Checkbox Low FX. Might help you some.
I believe the answer is overhauling the monster affix system... as it stands now it's a !@#$ing mess... clean it up. Allow 1 cc... 1 aoe.... 1 etc.... but allowing molten to stack on arcane with iceballs exploding in a sea of poison that melee just can't avoid if they wish to do melee dmg... sickeningly bad Jay Wilson style gear-check gayness!
Best addition would be to the game a "Show/Hide spell effects".

Putting everything to off/low makes hardly any difference.

This is reason I cannot play wizard or crusader in this game either, without going blind.
I turn off damage numbers. It helps a little.
something somethings WIZARDS something something those damn WIZARDS something something MY EYES! MY EYES!
I recently played with 3 sentry hunters.

I couldn't comprehend what was happening on the screen. Sentries & firestorms. Couldn't see any enemies at all if I didn't have their health bars on.

FPS must've dropped down to the sub 10 area
lol i played a game with an EQ barb, a crusader and a meteor shower wiz ... and when 2 elite packs joined the fray, i had no clue what was happening. of course i died to frozen pulse, had zero clue it was even there
sometimes i just see properly.

playing monk and sometimes it takes me more than 2 secs to realised that i am not attacking or the mob move away from my click.
This is an issue of game design choice and the art team.
Blizzard has a fairly distinct art style since Warcraft 3, brighter and slightly more cartoony.
It's very evident with WoW.

Despite the slightly cartoony nature, the spells and effects DO look great.

It's a pretty game.
But pretty doesn't make it readable.

I'm running low particle effects, low physics, clutter off.
Even then, this game is not exactly optimized and bug free.
Remember that area just past Battlefield? Bridge of Korsikk? Lags every singe time.

A graphical mod could potentially totally overhaul the game, and make effects more "narrow".
But that would be a massive undertaking.
And that's on the remote possibility that Blizzard opens the visual side to modders.

Long story short.
Was cluttered before.
Not optimized for readability.
Don't hold your breath.
09/03/2014 12:28 AMPosted by Aohige
something somethings WIZARDS something something those damn WIZARDS something something MY EYES! MY EYES!

^^^ This....better have your volume up, you wont see the explosion that just owned you.
War is all about confusion...
I'm a solo player and I'm going to comment. Even playing by myself things get hard to see. I quit doing any kind of group play for that very reason. One player can be bad, 4 was impossible.

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