Firebird's Finery Bonus Temporarily Disabled

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WTB Update on the situation.
kinda surprised they overlooked that bug, whilst it has been reported multiple times already -- and we're talking about weeks before the patch.
Except for I've tested it specifically with magic missiles only and I can get it to go from 18M to 110M.
The ability you use doesn't matter.
No... Here's what you do. Go hit ghom with MM, after he starts burning, take off your boots to reset the dot, hit him again and he will burn properly.. I go from 18M dot with MM to anywhere from 84M to 100M.
08/26/2014 05:36 PMPosted by ihaveshirts
Video proof of the bug:

Or just watch this in case you missed it earlier.
why cant any of blizzards items/stats work how they say they many hiddin stats and mechanics...........
Tick (Forgive the pun) Tok.

Can we get an ETA on the fix?
08/26/2014 09:29 PMPosted by Vdizzle
08/26/2014 05:36 PMPosted by ihaveshirts
Video proof of the bug:

Or just watch this in case you missed it earlier.

Thanks that actually helped a ton- I think I've got it this time.

So I looked at those numbers and did some no-weapon no-buff tests of my own. The DoT is interacting strangely with critical hit chance and damage. When the infinite dot takes hold, it decides whether to "Crit" or "not crit". I base this on a quick experiment: I fought Ghom and did the reset several times: the dots are always either a high number, or a low number. For the point of my test, weaponless and using what I was using, the number was 1,320,808 million damage per second. The high number was 4,211,464 damage per second. I then reset the game, and took out all critical hit damage paragon points (50%). The low number remained 1,320,808, and the high number was 3,551,360.

When the dot flips over to Infinity mode, it appears to be deciding if it crit or not, then sticking with it.
This makes sense, the problem arises when you get locked into either crit/non crit mode. The only way to get another chance at a higher dot is to either die, or remove a piece of firebirds gear.
Agreed, the outcome is nonsense, I was interested in the cause. Hopefully it helps them get it fixed. If the dot is infinite, each tick needs to be dynamic, otherwise that awkward gameplay you mentioned where you're stripping to attempt to reroll the chance to crit on enemies =S
It was working fine on ptr so I don't know what their issue is.
It was annoying to see 12 million damage fixed when you know your wizard can does more than that.

Why take so long to fix this? This really hampered firebird wizard at this moment. You felt restricted because your firebird doesn't apply at right amount of damage.
This reminds me of Shadow Power + Rapid Fire snapshotting... Unfortunately blizzard can't make the dot actively change depending on current buffs/debuffs, they couldn't do it with anything before this so I don't think they can do it now.
Jokes on us. We're never going to hear anything from Blizzard again regarding Firebirds or Hydra until its time for the next patch cycle.
I blame blizz for giving us a mathematical nightmare of a 6P bonus with hidden values... Blizzard knows how bad snapshotting is in warcraft, so what do they do, give us a bonus in D3 that has potential snapshotting written all over it... I mean christ.. They got rid of a lot of snapshotting in Warlords of Draenor...

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