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09/20/2014 08:02 AMPosted by Kyrone
We had 2+ months of PTR and many, many people pointed out the exact same problem with the trials.

when it's on the PTR it's already made in stone. If there aren't any gamebreaking issues with it, then it's going live. PTR isn't there for feedback regarding game design decisions. It's almost the end of the process and not the beginning.
How about this in addition to your suggestion?:

You now have the option after killing the rift guardian of Urshii (sp?) melding two or more numbered trial rift keys together, the new rift key is the sum of the keys melded...


(I know it most likely doesn't solve the problem, but it eases, (maybe?) the burn of starting over, from failing a Greater Rift...)
100% agree with this topic.

Normally i'm a very calm and sensible person. But after attempting 20 trials in a row, randomly getting keys between 36-40 (while i got 41 before) is building up some serious aggressions in me. How the hell am i supposed to beat the next GRift level, when upgrading lower keys is no longer guaranteed?

Basically you'll be trapped in a cycle

  • get 38 key from trial
  • upgrade to 39
  • fail 39 because of low monster density
  • upgrade to 39 again
  • upgrade to 40
  • fail 40 because (insert random oneshot ability or monster type, e.g. rockworm, winged assassin, jailer, frozen, thunderstorm etc.)
  • Up until we get a blue answer.
    09/20/2014 10:16 AMPosted by SilverFox
    Trials are only pointless for those who wish to do GR nonstop. And don't wish to have to farm more trial keys.

    People like this is are the reason why we are stuck with pointless content like trial rifts. Also I would like to point out to you sir, that maybe reading comprehension should be a focus for you in the future, as you are severely lacking in it.

    We aren't asking to do away with farming "trial" keys in regular rifts. There should be a mechanism, in my view, of actually getting a key for a greater rift. We aren't asking for easy access to just jump in and start farming.

    We are asking for blizzard to give us a simple option after you have found your trial rift key, to pick your difficulty of the greater rift based on your highest progression thus far. What people like you don't understand, because im sure you have not seriously done greater rifts based on your answer, is that the trial rift becomes soooooooo tedious after the 100th one you have done. Its the same mind numbing content that I thought blizzard was trying to get away from, but yet they seem to want to gate us behind pointless content to what extent I don't know.

    Right now many people are experiencing the same results as I am. You get to a point that your challenged and it gives you a great opportunity to min max and overcome. But right now when you fail at that level you soon realize that you have to do yet another trial rift, with varying results. The trial rift will probably put you 3 levels to low, and now you have to slog through 3 levels of content you could care less about just to get back to the level your trying to beat. All along the way praying that your rifts have good density and good mob types so you don't fail that level rift you have beat 100x before. Do you see how annoying that can be to people trying to progress? If you had half a brain you would agree with 99% on this board.
    Just read they messed them up even more. HILARIOUS.

    This company always manages to destroy something with every patch.

    GJ Blizz.
    I like this idea, trials are pointless.
    I see they also put some nice Winged Assassins in the trials. Now I have to deal with an extra layer of RNG; getting insta-gibbed by unavoidable jumping Winged Assassins.

    These changes to trials are some of the most senseless changes Blizzard has ever made.
    this needs to be done
    Anyone disagreeing with this obviously hasn't been playing grifts competitively, or is already sitting on the top of the leaders boards and want to remain untouched.

    Trials are retarded. Put the OP's suggested slider.
    This is a really good thread

    Keep it up.
    Remove them !@#$%es.
    Remove trials WTF. Blizzard do you seem to know nothing about your own game.
    They aren't going to remove Trails. They have a DEV team working on Witch doctor's. That is all.
    No blue post about trials. Pretty sad.

    Give us an answer Blizzard and don't ignore us.
    Agree agree agree,

    They are cumbersome and unexciting. Further, they are two separate and different 'games'. Some setups absolutely CRUSH trials relative to how they fare in Grifts and vice versa.
    Remove them.
    Now their trying to "fix" them. just remove...
    09/25/2014 05:08 PMPosted by Ferrari
    Now their trying to "fix" them. just remove...

    Cudos to you for wanting 10000x more competition at GR51+ :)

    That is the spirit. The moment they will do, yellow geared fresh 70 people will flood the forums that they get killed in GR30-50.

    The system has to be changed to like:

    Clear xy GR lvl 3 times consecutively for a quest and then that lvl can be a starting lvl. Separate quest for each brackets, so no more party keystone fishing.

    Letting people skip difficulties on grand scale does not work. (check T6 publics)

    Be honest how much percentage GR50 runs started, were finished on time?

    Old trials were pushing people to 4man fishing for gem lvling. Current ones pushing for lvling DH and get your high stones solo. The middle ground sounds better.

    Fishing has to be stopped. No 46 GR should be harder, than GR48.

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