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I have to disagree for controversy.

Just today I was doing the trial and accidently landed on a level 10 rift.
I had loads of fun running my level 10 rift, it was exactly what I wanted.
And I love it when it takes time to prepare a virtual access, it's so immersive and fulfilling. Another thing that's amazing is accidently failing that process, it really puts an element of excitement into it.

Look, trials have to bring something to the table. It's alright the one time, but for every stone you do it's just tedious. I'm actually against rewards and incentive for this, doesn't feel right. Better to remove the feature, or make it available as a starting point to Grifts?
09/02/2014 01:15 PMPosted by Kyrone
What's the logic behind it?

When you complete a greater rift, you get a choice to upgrade a keystone or gem.
If you complete the rift in time, you get the choice to upgrade the keystone.
If you don't complete the rift in time, you only get to upgrade choice to the gem.

09/02/2014 01:15 PMPosted by Kyrone

Why are you so mad?

They are very tedious to complete and a waste of time. Total deterrent.
+1 for the host
09/02/2014 02:33 PMPosted by Razor
09/02/2014 01:15 PMPosted by Kyrone

yes please.

+1 for a slider, allowing us to select among the unlocked Grift levels manually. Prize: trial keystone.
+1 for slider.

I main WD and what botters me the most is that i can not get more then 28 lvl key with WD, but easy 34 with my DH, so i do trials on DH then switch to WD.

Nice development blizz
blizz and artifical extension of nonexistence fun ... nothing new to be surprised about
once those blinds see the issue they will just fix it, till then - enjoy the annoyance, its an exclusive blizz feature
as someone who can clear Grift 33 with little problems (depending on the mob type) but cant get past 23ish on the damn trials I completely agree with this. I understand what it was for in the beginning but for future id like to be able to turn keys in for where I left off so I can keep going up instead of having to waste my time in mid 20's to get back to where I should be.
As a barb I hate trials... I can clear g-rift 37 and I struggle getting keys higher than 30 in trials. So most often I have to do like:

30-34-35-36 and then 37. Maybe I could bare this if it wasnt for the bull!@#$ rift RNG, which always gives me bad density/mobs rifts which means the 40 minutes or so I spent getting that key is wasted as I don't get an honest chance att clearing the rift.

The thing is, I havent cleared 37 in time yet, not because I can't, because I can, It is because in 9 out of those 10 or so times I have tried 37 I have gotten rifts with no density, and as a reaker barb that is like an instafail. One of these times I got an OK rift and managed to reach the boss with 7 minutes left, and is greeted by Rime.

ya I don't get the point of constantly making us regrind lower level grifts. It makes progression so much more tedious when you narrowly miss doing a higher level rift, but instead of being able to repeat it you have to go do trials then generally do 4 lower grifts again to get back to where you were.

This is like dying in a game and it sending you back 4 levels to retry.

either make levels less rng or make us not have to repeat multiple grifts every time.
With a slider you could chose to do a Level 1 Greater rift up to the highest level you have ever beaten.
That is how it should be.
Agreed. Its funny, they took one of the things people requested most often (an endless wave sort of mode) and implemented it in the worst way possible.
I really like the idea of doing the trials. ONCE. Then you unlock that level. I'm not sure the best way to enter the rift and choose difficulty, but I'm sure they could play around with that and see what's the smoothest/best transition.

It's not impossible to get Grifts 30+, however... The highest I've gotten out of the trials is 37. I never have to grind like the OP said, but that's simply because my bf and I both use DH for the trials (his main is a wizard, but I decked out his DH with a full set of marauders and rings and amulet) It's just annoying sitting through all the waves over and over and over and over and over again to "prove yourself", even though you already have. A million times.

I really liked doing the trials... the first time, and maybe even the second and third time... but the 100000000th? Not so much. Great concept, but poorly executed. I hope they fix it, or at the very least make the waves advance way faster so it takes half the time (or more than half) that it does right now.
+1 to OP

I am tired of getting jipped in my trial runs by a ranged mob that ran away before I could kill it in time. Ranged monsters and small monsters should not ever spawn in trials, period.
Hey, I find this trial mechanics a bit irrational too.

This is my solution to the problem:
Let's say you farmed like 12 trial keys and you gonna do the trial for the first time. The trial ends up revealing GR key 20. Now the GR 20 becomes some sort of baseline for all the trial keys you have found and will find.Your 12 keys becomes GR 20 Keys. From this point you can start at lvl 20 any time you find a trial rift or by using the keys you have gathered. No need to do the trial again since your power has been evaluated.

But let's say your gear got improved and you wanna get "better starting point". You do the trial again and it ends up with GR25 key. And now this is your baseline for all the GR keys.

This sounds much more logical to me. From the technical side of the example whenever you use "trial key" game is asking if you like to proceed to the trial or start with your already estimated baseline GR lvl.

What do you think?
Count me in for the slider, as is now trials are just bad designed.
Greater Rift Level 1 = Normal
Greater Rift Level 3 = Hard
Greater Rift Level 4 = Expert
Greater Rift Level 6 = Master
Greater Rift Level 8 = Torment 1
Greater Rift Level 12 = Torment 2
Greater Rift Level 15 = Torment 3
Greater Rift Level 17 = Torment 4
Greater Rift Level 20 = Torment 5
Greater Rift Level 25 = Torment 6
Greater Rift Level 25+ = Harder and harder.
this is wrong.
grift+1 level = 1.17*grift (hp)
1.17 is the 10th root of 5; for every 10 grift levels, monsters have their hp quintupled.
u can look up the torment scaling in blizzards game guide.
this means:
grift 1: whatever
grift 10: master
grift 15: t2
grift 20: t4
grift 25: t6
always +-5%. just check ur experience for closing the rift. it scales the same way.

on topic: we need this. i got 200+ trial keys. 5 lvl 34 keys, one 35. the highest grift i did in the last 3 days was 33. why? i dont want to waste my keys in the !@#$ty grifts i get, and i can clear 33 100% of the time, while i failed at 34 last time i tried. and i still only have #4 time for 33 grift. it's so damn random, the one with best time was one of the worst rifts i've ever seen, with angels, leapers, maidens +x on the a5 map behind the portal-on-back-guy. but there was a conduit near the guardian, randomly improving my time by 1 min+.
that's why units in starcraft 2 dont do 1 to 1254235634673478 dmg per hit, but have a fixed damage of let's say 7. same thing with grift levels, they should always be the same, and always be accessible once reached. no grift skipping then ofc.
They need to add an option to skip the trial and attempt your next highest greater rift.

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