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Trial rifts could sure do with some improvements.

But I disagree with removing it completely. A slider is boring and too easy. It's nice to have a different kind of game mode, it just needs to be done better.

One thing that would change people "unrewarding" perception of trials is to just have the trial drop a pile of loot at the end based on how far you got. It doesn't have to be much, just enough to be equivalent to if you had been farming normally for that amount of time. If there's even the slightest chance of getting something good, it'll instantly lift the mood around here. :)

09/10/2014 03:52 PMPosted by EnkerZan
+1 to OP

I am tired of getting jipped in my trial runs by a ranged mob that ran away before I could kill it in time. Ranged monsters and small monsters should not ever spawn in trials, period.

Yeah that's annoying. :) Maybe they could do away with waves and have the monsters keep on spawning as you kill them, instead of having to kill every last one. A bit like those Cursed Shrine Bounties where they just keep dropping down, except that instead of a fixed timer, we have a variable timer that increases as we kill.
What i dont get is why you get wave cleared - 5 = keystone level. If a player has the ability to run level 37 then they should abe able to get there in the trials, not ending up at like level 33 and then having to clear 3-4 levels again.

im for the slider idea. +1.
+1 for the slider idea!!!!!

a slider that will let you choice up to the level you have reached, so you can choice to or do lower levels to upgrade gems, or go for highest possible to try to brake your own record!
Like the idea of slider, as there is a choice. I am still gearing up non-mains so starting @ lower level works for both mains and non-mains.

The idea of 'checkpoints' was made a while back, ie save starting point at level 25, then 35 etc. At least you are not starting right from scratch if you choose not to.

To remove the option of trials all together is too harsh, to give a choice of whether or not to start @ 1 or 35 (or which ever) 'could' work for everyone playing.
Add another +1 for the slider idea.

Trial rifts are not an indicator of actual Greater Rift content. I can easily clear trial rifts, with the right build, to a much higher level I feel comfortable playing.

RNG is such a big factor into the trial rifts, it's aggravating if you're shooting for a level 25 key for gem upgrades, and you get a 23 or 24 instead, dropping your chance of successful upgrade.

If I'm upgrading a new gem and only need a level 15 rift, I have to intentionally fail and hope it gives me a decent level rift.

If I'm going purely for my best, I have to hope the Trial rift RNG gives me a GRift level I wanted.

Making it a slider, just like you do with T levels, or Monster Power level prior to 2.0, just makes sense. Once you beat a GRift, the next level up is unlocked. Once that is beaten, the same happens.

Not only would this allow us the flexibility to choose what level to play, it would make multiplayer FAR easier if GRift keystones were not level-specific. If I have a 27 keystone, my friends can't join unless they have one as well. With an all-access keystone, we can choose level 27 and rift with no issues.
While the Trials themselves are a little confusing (Wave 3 completed, Wave 6 starting, Wave 6 completed - quest log stated Wave 4 etc.)

I dont think the trials should be totally removed.

Would be nice tho, if you reach Grift 10, 20, 30, etc you start the trial at that level.

If you reach Grift 36 then you start the trial as if you reached wave 30 or something, things would be a lot less of a ball ache and a bit more logical.
Every time a phase beast or those stupid wraith mobs one shots me in a Trial rift causing me to get my 20th rank 38 keystone I'll never bother to use, I die a little inside. I can't imagine how annoying it is for the classes that aren't Demon hunter.

Let us choose our GR level up to the one we have completed.
How in the world did this boring, horrible mechanic make it all the way through PTR (was it even part of PTR)?

It makes no sense to me. Trials keep giving me 30+ GRift Keys. I do not want 30+ keys. I know I am not ready for them. Being one shot over and over by OP Jailers, off screen jumping on Winged Asses, GRift bosses like Orlash, is not fun. I don't have 2 Unity rings to cheese it. But I already know that (and since I've never completed a 30+ GRift the trial has given me why doesn't it know that)?

Let me select a GRift Key Level I've already successfully beaten time on with a menu button. And then give me the option also to do a brand new Trail for a higher key when I think I am ready.

Stop trying to make me figure out on what monster Wave I need to exactly fail on to get the 28 or 29 level GRift Key that I am currently pushing for. Its some where around wave 31, 32, or 33. The point is I shouldn't have to fake it like that and purposely fail.

This is just plain silly.
09/11/2014 09:14 AMPosted by Optio
How in the world did this boring, horrible mechanic make it all the way through PTR (was it even part of PTR)?

I ranted about it during the PTR and so did many others.

We have not been listened to.

What I don't understand is how anybody would EVER come up with something like this.

It's the same thing with legendary gems - why do we have to gamble their levels? And why does this close the rift in the progress?

Normal people's logic:

Ok, let's create greater rifts and legendary gems. People will start them at level 1 until they can progress no more. We will allow them to start a greater rift over and over again by chosing the level via a slider - they need to have a greater rift token to enter it.

The legendary gems will have an exp system and those socketed into your gear will level up while you are in greater rifts.

Blizzard's logic:

Let's annoy everyone by forcing them to do a trial rift every time they want to do a greater rift!

Let's also derp some more by making legendary gems upgradably via gambling, because we don't have enough RNG in our game already! Oh and if you do that you have to start from scratch, sorry guys, but we at Blizzard love artificial replayability!
They know there is a problem, remember that at begining of this patch in the PTR we had no trials so we did the GR from level 1 which was just absurd.
Ya...i agree.. +1 to Slider idea...solved
Yes remove trial rifts, then when we fail we can all start at level one rifts again. Starting at the highest GR rift we made is akin to dying our way through the game.
would be nice if we could chose the tier ourselves when putting in the trial key
The trials does not even have ellites, so bonus dmg to ellites is useless.
Yea at first it was fine, but when u have to level up gems and make lots of Grifts, the trial is awful. In my opinion they should just make the rank of the key based on the Torment difficulty u rifting, exemple: If u make T1, u only have a range of 15-20 that u can choose from when u drop your key at the end, if u do higher the range will change for higher Grifts, until u get T6, and for T6 u can choose anything from 25+.

The trials are kinda inacurate, most of the time (when ur lower on gear) if u give ur best shot on the trial, you WILL get a grift that u can't do in 15min.

Also, the trial dont let you control de Grift rank you want to do, when i was rank27, i wanted the 28 rank (cuz i leveled up a gem be4) but i went too far and got a 29 rank. Thats just not satisfying, i had to make a 29 rank that i was no geared for, took a long time, for when i did the next trial i had to take it easy so i could get a 26 key and upgrade till 28 rank.

They should just make it easier to choose the rank you wanna do, the trial is very inaccurate and kinda boring.
Yeah, get rid of trials. Also redo the whole key system for grifts. As it stands, I'd argue it does quite a bit of harm to the game. We have four methods of play (softcore, hardcore, seasonal softcore and seasonal hardcore) and 10 difficulty settings outside of grifts, that divide the player base. Both trials and grifts just add even more layers of crap, to keep people from playing with who they want, in the current setup. Can't tell you how many times I've been in a non-full grift group and had a clan member jump in during the run, only to have to leave disappointed because they didn't have a grift key at the proper lvl. Sure you can downgrade them, but that feels really unrewarding; especially, with the awful legendary gem upgrade mechanic (not looking forward to the inevitable and legitimate storm of complaints, when people point out how the setup discourages them from running grifts with groups that can't get high enough in grift lvl, to get them a decent shot at a gem upgrade).

Also really aggravating, when one of the stupid caster or Act V trapper mobs decides to run off to a far corner of the map and you're group is too distracted killing everything else, to realize that's what's happening. So you end up in a grift, much lower than what your group is capable of.

Instead of trial keys off rift bosses, they should just drop grift keys. Successfully completing a grift, allows the players to choose between gem upgrade or getting a new grift key. When placing a grift key, the player can choose N+1 lvl (IMO N should be the highest grift that the player has completed, but I suppose it could be a few lvls lower). Not sure best approach for parties, if it should be based off highest lvl that someone in the group can do, highest lvl of the party lead or highest lvl of the person starting up the event.

Only criticism I can see here, is that it allows someone to get carried to a point, where they can solo start grifts they can't beat. First people can't get carried as is, so I see no issue in allowing someone get three well geared friends to help them reach a grift 5 lvls higher than what they could do solo. I mean, someone ranking high on the leader board would, under this setup, be able to do the same for a poorly gear alt. Also, it's the person's prerogative if they decide they want to make the, IMO unfun, decision to run a grift that they'll fail the time on and die a lot in. The fact, that someone would even do so, if they didn't enjoy the experience, speaks volumes of how flawed the legendary gem mechanic is. Second, as implied earlier, they aren't going to place on the leader board anyways, not until they hit a point where they can get the gear, paragon lvls and/or gems for it.

Given that multiplayer is suppose to be a major component with this game. I think there would be far more to gain by scrapping the current system and going with what's being suggested in this thread, by people other than myself or some variant.

P.S. While you're at it, also fix the aspect of legendary gem ranking, that is also going to work against playing with friends. I do not want to have drama because someone refused to run grifts with a group, they thought couldn't get high enough to get their gem upgraded, nor should someone feel like they got punished for running with friends or clan members that weren't as good as them.

I really dislike the current implementation of the Trials. I always get a key that is 2-6 levels lower than where I want to be. I feel like it's a waste of time.

I like the slider idea!
Last night I facerolled a Trial Rift and it gave me a GR39 key. WOW. The highest GR I have completed is 33. Needless to say, the GR39 attempt was a 40 minute nightmare of insta-deaths. I eventually completed the GR39 but I wish I could have down-traded that GR39 key for a GR35 key. The Trial Rift system is horribly out of tune and it is not very useful in its current state.
Yeah remove trial rifts they are no fun and stupid too. I have 102% elite dmg so yeah much help trial rifts.. I need 2 different item sets just for this. 1 for trial rifts and 1 for real rifts which is so stupid.

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