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What is the best character in your opinion to start of playing with?
I think Barbarian and Wizard are the most straight forward.

But all classes are great, pick what sounds cool to you.
I have typically always played ranged classes, but decided to give a melee class a try and went with Crusader. So far I'm loving it, and it feels great not being a glass cannon.
I possibly had the most fun with the Witch Doctor. There's a lot of variety in how you setup the character and their gear, and the levelling phase 1-70 gives you a lot of time to try out various combinations of things.

also, just having a whole squad of pets following you about is pretty neat.
I think Crusader is the easiest to play... really if you set it on normal, its pretty much a cake walk and you can figure it out. I'd say Crusader, Barb and WD are the "easiest" to manager. DH is a straight glass cannon.
I would go WD or Crusader, but that's me.
the demon huter is pretty sick and has some op things

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