Chest in great rifts!

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So what good is some of the gear people use that requires chest to boost thier damage, if you dont provide chest in great rifts. Only place i seen chest was in whimshire.

Make the chest at least contain gold only.
LOL then why provide people with gear that does this and yet not let them use the bonus in great rifts.

Yeah i seen shrines as well. I could has sworn i saw one that said magic find and was like ok what going to drop HUH HUH?
There is one chest in an act 5 rift, but you open it and get nothing. Not sure if it triggers the belt or not.
Yes I have seen one chest in an Act V map greater rift. Its one of those areas where you enter a house and then exit the back and continue on. Inside the house, at the bottom of the stairs which dead end there is a chest sitting there. Opening it does nothing of course, except activate Harrington if you have it :D
There are also book cases in some of the rifts. nothing drops but it probably procs harringtons.

you should have a second belt/whatever for GRifts. i try not to use my Harringtons anymore just for that reason. its more fun and opens more belt options up that dont feel mandatory.

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