Firebird is Still bugged (Really low damage)

Bug Report
I'm doing about 1/10th of the DoT I was doing in the PTR.
Using a meteor build, so it's not related to the hydra or blizzard bugs.

Edit: Video showing the bug:
Gods forbid we get Wizards into a good spot. If FB is getting a damage nerf, how exactly are we going to compete with classes that were already close to us on the PTR *without* the nerf/*with* the FB bug?!
I'm not the only one noticing it:
08/26/2014 03:08 PMPosted by steve
Doesn't feel like 3000% weapon damage. Feels like 300%.

08/26/2014 03:37 PMPosted by Racinette
Firebirds is not working. Tick damage is all over the place.

08/26/2014 03:40 PMPosted by Unolydesire
Damage is VERY inconsistent, i'm getting between 10 and 70 million ticks after spamming MM conflag with mirror ball and 2.0 APS for about 10 seconds.....

08/26/2014 03:27 PMPosted by EPIC
Yeah, this BS. I can kill things faster with the extra 200k dps I get from NOT wearing the set. LAAAAME!
^ "Fixed" haha oh well
Very inconsistent damage with the permadot, Blizz, Firebird's Finery is not fixed.
Confirming the damage is not being calculated properly.

I've also heard from several Monk friends of mine that the 6 piece Raiment of Storms damage is also hitting like a little girl, so this may not be isolated to only Firebird's 6 piece.
After a couple greater rifts, I can say that the damage on Firebirds varies madly for no apparent reason. I've had two regular white monsters standing right next to eachother, hit by the same Flame Ward Arcane Torrent, and one started burning for 50 million while the other started burning for 8 million. Any given enemy will peak burn damage from 8 million to 72 million (after several seconds of heavy fire damage.) One rift guardian will tick for 10 million, another will tick for 70 million.

I cannot find any consistency in how hard I hit, what ability I use, or what buffs are up to make any difference, it seems to just want to hit from anywhere from 300% weapon damage to 3000% weapon damage based on mood.
My dot also vary anywhere from 10 to 80 million!
lol i bet firebird dot snapshots whether the hit that maxes it crits or not.
Seems to happen more often when I use Blazar
Sorry I'm calling BS... Ghom ticks for 18M while Asmodan ticks for 84M damage.. T6..
And they give us this:
08/26/2014 04:52 PMPosted by Tyvalir
I just spoke to the QA team who retested the Firebird's Finery set bonus, and confirmed it is working correctly. Basically, the 6-piece bonus works like this...

It produces less damage than on the PTR as it ramps up
It produces the same damage as on the PTR once it is infinite

In other words, the attack starts off a bit slower now before building to PTR strength.

They clearly have no idea what's going on with firebirds. How can they fix the bug when they don't even understand the bug?
08/26/2014 05:42 PMPosted by Tyvalir
Thanks all! We're passing along your reports to our QA and development teams and will continue to monitor your feedback and experiences. Please let us know if the issues you've reported so far persist.

Some one should check it...for the 4th time... I don't have wiz on US, pls some one?
for sure! big nerf !
08/26/2014 05:01 PMPosted by Vdizzle
Sorry I'm calling BS... Ghom ticks for 18M while Asmodan ticks for 84M damage.. T6..

And you don't see the disparity between those two numbers?
Getting reports that the Dot itself either treats itself as a crit or noncrit. So the order of magnitude difference will be equal to your crit hit dmg %
well the math would check out if the 18m to 84 mil had a crit hit of about 475% right?
08/26/2014 11:37 AMPosted by Wyatt Cheng
In the patch, we updated the set bonus to be much more powerful than before;

How is Firebirds now much more powerful than before? We're all doing less DoT!
As some people have mentioned, this appears to be the dot deciding at time of swapping from "stacking" to "infinite" whether or not it crit. You can test it for yourself by removing paragon points from critical hit damage and doing the test on a boss again, the lower number will remain the same (noncrit) and the higher number will drop (Crit)
When you're dot is about to move over into the infinite dot mode it rolls XX% to crit, which is fine, but what happens afterwards isn't.

If it doesn't roll into crit status it's locked into non-crit tics, permanently, or until you either 1.) Die... 2.) Run out of dot range and reset it.... or 3.) Take off a piece of firebirds and try again at the dot.

So sometimes you lock into crit-dot mode, which makes you feel like a beast. Or you get locked into non-crit mode, thus making you feel weak.

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