Rerolling Amulets/Rings & Best Gems?

Assuming you rolled a perfect SOJ and Hellfire Ammy - what stats would you reroll to get a socket for a legendary gem.


Soj - Element Damage/CC/CD/Main Stat

Ammy: Element Damage/CC/CD/Main Stat

I've seen people suggest, that at least on an ammy, that CC and CD are must haves, and that you're better off keeping element damage over a main stat. Of course, what if you decide to change the build for your character? Wouldn't having a main stat instead of a specific element damage leave you with more flexibility to change you build?

And what are the best gems for the Crusader? I feel like the Gogok of Swiftness is the only must have I've seen. Alot of people seem to like the Taeguk gem - I didn't ahve much success keeping it stacked with Holy Shotgun

I've enjoyed the Wreath of Lightning Gem (conduit gem) - but I feel like the Mirinae Teardrop (smite gem) may be better with Smite/Holy Damage.

Have people preferred the Bane of the Trapped (damage under impairing effects) vs. Bane of the Powerful (damage after elite kill)?

I'd say everything depends on build and what gear you have outside of jewelry that'll help you hit with CDR, since CDR is so crucial for akkhans builds. Mathematically, I've heard the same thing about Str vs elemental (slightly better to reroll main stat, but rerolling ele gives you a lot more flexibility).

For example - I like playing shotgun with hexing pants. However, that means I have to have 8% CDR on both my rings to get close to 50% CDR, becuase I can't use crimsons and i can't use leorics crown due to hexing pants taking up my RoRG ability. I don't have a vigilante belt yet for CDR, so that would help in moving CDR from a ring to belt to clear up a slot in jewelry. However, if you had witching hour, you'd probably be better off in keeping cc/cd on your belt and cdr on jewelry versus legendary gem + cdr on belt (just do the math and figure out if CC/CD on a witching hour results in more DPS than theoretical DPS increase from the legendary gem)

Other factors:

You also get 1.5% strength when you roll off any stat to use a gem when you use Finery. I think that's something to keep in mind if you're debating using a gem at all verse rolling off str/ele.

Finally - this is specific to pet builds (lord commander, which i'm toying around iwth): +Pet damage is additive with elemental, so you're probably better off changing elemental to +pet damage if that's the gem you're going for.

In the end, I'd just throw in the numbers in a calculator to see what kind of % percent difference you're sacrificying for a legendary gem provided you can meet baseline CDR requirements. I'd then decide if that percentage difference was worth it for your build for whatever gem you wanted. A lot easier said than done though.
For the SoJ, increased damage against elites is more important than Main stat. But anywho.

The best amulet is indeed %ele damage, CC, CD, and Main stat, solely because 20% elemental damage will boost your overall DPS by a TON. And you're correct in thinking having Main stat would make your build more flexible, but we're talking end game gear here. You don't need to worry about flexibility end game, you only need to worry about flexibility if you're using a build that's obviously under-performing, and you want a new one. Also Chopsuey's point is very good, as long as you have Finery, socketing a legendary gem instead of having main stat will give you back some strength.

For right now, there really aren't that great of legendary gems for crusader. You have to give up a crucial stat (Typically CDR) to socket a legendary gem. My personal favorite is Wreath, because of the amount of AoE control it gives, with Mirinae at a close second. Wreath I feel is slightly more useful at low gem ranks because it essentially does the same damage as Mirinae, with the same proc rate, but does the damage to multiple people. Also my crusader doesn't have a high attack speed, so I don't proc them that often.

At higher ranks however, Mirinae does more damage and the 25 rank bonus is pretty sweet. (Is the 5 seconds affected by CDR? That would be cool).

Pretty sure Bane of the Powerful will be used due to the 25 rank bonus (extra elite damage), and Gogok of swiftness or Taeguk seems to be pretty nice as well.

I just don't really like "passive" gems that just give you extra damage. I want legendary gems to cause me to run around shooting lightning from my fingertips when I smash people with my sword. Passive bonuses are boring, smiting people from the heavens on hit is not.
Honestly I think it's going to depend on build. I don't see too many that are MUST HAVES for holy shotgun, although a few that zatzke mentioned seem like decent options/alternatives to passive stuff like CC/CD/etc. The problem with some of the gems though is that holy shotgun att speed is just too slow to get as much usage out of them (check out some of the holy monks running mirinae though, it seems insane cause of their attack speed).
not sure of what the best gems are on a crusader yet, but in terms of re-rolling an ammy in order for a gem, you will be wanting to re-roll your main stat as opposed to cd, cc, or % ele dmg
Would the rank 25 bonus on Bane of the Trapped count as a control-impairing effect on the monsters it is effecting? Thus giving you basically a flat increase in damage to ALL enemies close enough to the AOE without needing to do anything else?
primary > soc, no question

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