Firebirds is bad.

Trust me. I am always checking my damage by reading the big yellow numbers, and I get way more damage from my pre-2.1 %fire ele sets then I do from firebirds.

My eyes don't lie.
Try checking the white damage numbers...
That's because FB's damage comes from the 3000% weapon damage over time. And those numbers are white. I crit for 8m with MM. DoT starts around 20m on elites and reaches 80-150m in seconds.

It's not the numbers you need to worry about but how much and how fast you can clear. I went from a T3 build to T6 overnight with 2.1. Trust me, torment levels don't lie.

Thanks for coming up out tho!
FB DOT = white numbers
For real, guys, have you not played games before?

The big yellow numbers are all that matter. I promise.
It's yellow or bust. I stopped playing my Jade Doctor because I saw no more yellow numbers, which means I was doing no dps at all. T6 elites died for other reasons, they probably nerfed them to have like 2million health or something.
Why does it always come down to color with..... you people
Because troll.
09/08/2014 01:17 PMPosted by Feanor
Because troll.
You're a towel..

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