Prayer to RNGesus for a MoJ

Witch Doctor
A little birdy told me that REGesus reads these forums...

Please please please give little Poetry a MoJ today! 11.1k shards in... she has literally gotten every helmet except it (that a witch doc can get).

Im in the same boat as you. 11 771 bloodshard spent all on helm and not a single MoJ, gotten every other helm multiple times. I havent even found the gloves yet. Almost level 200 paragon and am unable to progress to higher Grifts because not having either of these two core pet items is gimping me down a lot.

Keep praying to RNGesus. Not sure why this expansion is called "RoS", should have been "RnG" :)
Tossing my two cents. I was complaining at 2.5k shards used.

I've gotten 4 jades (2 in a row off the same back) and 2 from Kadala

I think I'm on my fifth Grin Reaper

3 Quetz'

Got a dart helm, so that's nice, except I'm rerolled into full physical ;=;. Got the dagger to boot, it's a real shame.

Countless other leg tier helms that are worthless.

Also gotten every CK (From RhenHo to a Gidbinn and Dart Dagger) except SMK.

Rnjesus is really messing with me. Also gotten every glove but two, one of course being TnT and I've gotten every ring except RRoG but that's a cache item. WTB TMF.

Edit: Also gotten full Jade, twice. With 4 god damn helms. AND ONE ZUNI PIECE.

Hrngg please Rnjesus hear my prayer tonight.
TnT always were a rare pair of gloves but MoJ never was as far as I could remember, could be that they made the MoJ helm as rare as the gloves. Because i'm seeing loads of people having issues getting it but if we went back lets say 1-2 patches back it was not this hard. I dont think anyone was closing in on 15k shards without seeing the MoJ. This is silly...

Then again all this could be RNG but im starting to doubt it given the difficulty people are having.
OP is a fake. MOJ is so damn easy to get
09/06/2014 03:43 AMPosted by DarkSol
OP is a fake. MOJ is so damn easy to get
got 4-5 moj drops...all of them not from kadala...salvaged 3...
Im at 16,000 shards, no MoJ. Will keep going...
MoJ is old news.. Enjoy your TikVis before it gets nerfed if you want to break into higher Grifts.

I just made the switch yesterday, no SMK, and I know I'll be able to complete 30. I was cruising through it until I hit a triple elite pack in the Keep that I couldn't get clumped to maintain proper crowd control.

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