Post your Gem Ideas.

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Love the legendary gems?
Have an idea of a new one that would benefit certain aspects of the game?
Post them here, and lets see what we can come up with.

I know that these will never be considered, but it would be nice to hear what the community would like to see.

My idea.

Tuning Gem of Echolocation.
Will display Elite/Champ/Purple enemies on the map within 100 yards
range increases by 15 yards per level.
At level 25 Will also show exits, and bounty targets.
Gem of Riches
15% chance for enemies to drop 1300% more gold
*Effect can stack up to 20 times within 1 minute.
Oooohhh... I love this kind of thread.

My idea:

Gem of the Conjurer
Increase the damage of Main Spenders by 25%
Damage increases by 0.5% per level.
At level 25, Using Main Spenders have 30% chance of decreasing cooldown by 1 second.
Burning Soul
Base Effect — Dealing Fire damage restores 5% of your primary resource per second for 3 seconds.
Upgrade Rank — +0.1% Primary Resource regeneration
Rank 25 — Every 3 seconds while under the effect of Burning Soul, unleash a Molten Explosion that deals 2000% weapon damage as Fire to all enemies within 16 yards.

Prison of Ice
Base Effect — Increase critical strike chance against Chilled or Frozen enemies by 10%.
Upgrade Rank — +0.33% Critical Strike Chance
Rank 25 — Gain an aura that freezes all enemies within 15 yards for 1.5 seconds. Enemies cannot be frozen by Prison of Ice more than once every 4.5 seconds.
I'll get back to this one. This is just a comment for my personal thread so i don't have to scroll through pages in a day or 2 maybe when i think of something.
All heroes have pets

Gem of followers

chace to summon his followers for 20s
his followers have 5% Cooldown Reduction in their abilities

Increase per level = 0.5%

rank 25 = his followers duration until you die.
Rathmas ultimate balance

When suffering damage gain a fluctuating statuseffect based on your current life for 10 seconds that cancels if your hero gets impervious to damage.
The effect disables for 2 second when you receive more than 25% of you maximum lif in a single hit.
( +2seconds/lvl)

Each % life above 50%
decrases your recourcecost by 0.5%
decreases your healing(%) and damage recieved by DoTs by 1.5%

For each % below 50% life
reduce damage dealt by 1%
gain lifereg equal to 0.1% of maximum life

You can no longer crit but will always deal area damage.
increase your damage and healing by 0.5% for each % of recource left.

This would be intended to be more or less a tank gem that allows safe play on difficulties you can handle but will show your limits in a way more impactful way. (probably useless in sc because you can not use this gem in builds where you try to not get hit.
Please see here for a brilliant idea:

In short, a customizable gem.
Gem of the Key Master

Base Effect -- Pings the Key Masters location on the map once you enter the correct zone and Increases the drop chance of Uber Keys/Organs by 10%

Upgrade by 2%

Rank 25 When fighting Key Masters/Ubers you gain 5% life per second.
09/09/2014 06:47 AMPosted by Diranux
Gem of the Key Master

Base Effect -- Increase the drop chance of Uber Keys/Organs by 15%

Upgrade by 2%

Rank 25 When fighting Key Masters/Ubers you gain 5% life per second.

Rank 25: You can see the Key Masters/Ubers on the MAP. :)
Allows a random primary skill to be cast on the closest target. i.e

Barb : A random hammer drops on target, SS hits closest target, rend gets cast on one, a WW is automatically cast on target for 3 seconds.
Wiz: shoots a random beam at target, frozen orb, arcane, or fireball.. etc.
Monk's kick gets cast on target, drops bell etc
Sader- hammer flys, heavens fury drops, etc.
wd- locust swarm cast, or grasp of dead(can we buff this again, aoe wise or something), etc.

primary - All of this happens without having any effect on the characters movement or attack speed. It starts with a 10% chance to cast going up to 35% each rank increases dmg by 2%

secondary- Critical hits have a 20% chance to cast a second random skill, and rank adding 1% critical hit chance per rank (if you can get 100% out of this you're godlike but balance it out somehow maybe .5% ?)

Allow this to be any rune of the primary skill.
Gem of *subject to change* lol
Reduces damage of elites(including affixes) by 25% (with 1 percent intervals)
Rank 25
20% chance to not take any damage from attack.
09/09/2014 05:34 AMPosted by Avalanch07
Gem of Riches
15% chance for enemies to drop 1300% more gold
*Effect can stack up to 20 times within 1 minute.

they have this, its called boon of the hoarder and a jade doc. combined with goldwrap you can boast 19 Billion yes billion with a B tuffness.

For me personally? I want a cosmetic gem that talks to me after doing whatever.

"Woo hoo! You got a massacre bonus!"

"Gems! Mine...all mine!"

"Great. You died...get up and get better!"

At rank 25 gems drop more frequently and more dialogue options.

"I want the red one, the pink one, the yellow one and oh, that one!"

No lie, cosmetic gems 2014.
Treasure Hunter's Boon

25% of legendary items dropped are for other classes. Increases 1% each rank.

Rank 25 bonus: 25% increased magic find.
Gem of Resistance

Increase your resistance to all by 10%
Increases in increments of 0.25% per level

@rank 25 - Increase your armor by 15%
[PET GEM: Commander]

Increase duration of pets by 30% scaling by 2% each level

Level 25:
Pets have a chance to gain a stack of frenzy increasing attack speed by 3% (stacks up to 5 times)

[BARB GEM: Unstable]
Increase duration of wrath of the berserker by 30% Scale up to 2% each level

Level 25:
When below 10% health, enrage into a berserker knocking all enemies back 20 yards.


[%] Chance to summon a mystic alley on hit

Level 25:
When below 10% health, call fourth a mystic alley with a chance to stun on it.

[Demon Hunter GEM: (need a name)]

Increase duration of rain of vengeance by [%]

Level 25:
Rain of vengeance now has a chance to summon a raven to fight by your side for [%Seconds%]

[CRUSADER GEM: Charge of the crusade]

[%] chance to summon a warhorse to fight by your side

Level 25:
When below 10% health, call fourth a wave of warhorses to knockback and stun enemies

Off top of my head
09/09/2014 04:56 AMPosted by Gordon
I know that these will never be considered, but it would be nice to hear what the community would like to see.

I wouldn't say that these suggestions would never be considered, but I would keep in mind that we did just implement Legendary Gems as a new system, and it’s still too early to tell what effect the current ones have on the game. (There’s a lot of experimenting left to do!) However, it's never a bad idea to exercise some creativity, and hearing your ideas on Legendary Gem powers sounds like a lot of fun. I'll be keeping an eye on this thread, and encourage anyone to post their thoughts about new Legendary Gems here.
I would love a way to change the gem types even at a cost of an extra 3 gems. Like 3 Marquise Ruby for 1 Topaz
Gem Name: Shard of the Nephalem

xx% chance on hit to increase Primary stat by 10% for 4 seconds
Reduce Cooldowns by 10% (Rank 25)

Gem Name: Well of Fortune
Your magic find is increased by xx%
Gold find is increased by 100% (Rank 25)

Gem Name: Ice Crystal
Critical Hits cause the enemy movement to be reduced by xx%
Reduce Damage from Elites by 20% (Rank 25)

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