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I have ROS on my PS4 and have already imported a save from the Xbox 360. I have a roommate that has ROS on his Xbox 360 but he doesn't own the PS4.

Here is the question: Can he create a PSN account, link it to Bnet, export his save from the 360, log into my PS4 and import his save without overwriting mine? Also with this then allow both of us to play co-op with our established heroes?

I've looked over and over and haven't found anything that answers this question. If anyone has a link or an answer that would be sweet.

Happy hunting, see you in Sanctuary....
If your friend has their own Xbox360 account and their own PS4 account, it won't have any effect on your account. If the character is on your Xbox360 account then it will overwrite all of your current PS4 characters with how your Xbox360 characters were.

Unfortunately my buddy did this from Xbox360 to Xbox1 and lost his UUE characters on his Xbox1 because he had to wait about a week to do the transfer and played in the interim.
Ok, thanks. I would lose my noodle if I overwrite my heroes. Gonna give this a go. If it overwrites for some reason I'm gonna make my buddy regrind my 165plvls.
how did you transfer your xbox 360 charactors to your ps4
01/04/2015 04:01 PMPosted by Boratzu
how did you transfer your xbox 360 charactors to your ps4

You can import your file from PS3 or Xbox 360 to either PS4 or Xbox 1. you just have to link your account to your game accounts and export form the past gen and import on whichever current gen you're using.

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