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I just bought the English version of Diablo 3 Ultimate edition or so i thought. To my surprise when i start the game it was in Polish. My system is set to English and i use a European account and i live in Sweden so that made no sense to me. There is no option what version to download on the store and no option in the game to change the language so i started googling and searching and finally after lot of search i found the solution.
Its not very obvious so i thought i make a post clarifying this for other people going nuts on this problem. Its a shame Blizzard nor Sony is able to answer this on their forums.
Anyway what you need to do is basically this:
Buy the digital version--> go to the store:
Once there go to the Download List and you should see 2 "Diablo 3" download options. In my case the first one was 20.5GB and the second 37.8GB. I selected the second in the list and started downloading that one. When i bought the game from Store it automatically started to download the first one which was sadly the polish one.
So basically you need to go to the store and start the download for the second one which is the correct version (english).
I also include a screenshot so you see better what i mean:

Hope this helps some of you guys.
09/06/2014 01:31 PMPosted by Shadow
Its a shame Blizzard nor Sony is able to answer this on their forums.

there'a a sticky post about it here http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/13922802258
Ridiculous that this is on the US forum, how unintuitive isn't that for the European having an European problem? Crappy solution as well, though it does work.

Thanks for you posters that posted, it is just that Blizzard should have done better.
Thank for the link but sadly i did not find it during my search (my fault) but also the guide is not that well explained.
It says "deleted from your system, navigate back into the PlayStation Store and look for it there". Well i would then go to the Store in my PS4 and there is just 1 version. I did not see any option. You really need to go to the webpage to see the 2 options. Atleast this is why i got stuck.
What about the users who got the physical disc? Is there a way to download a language pack or something?
I think I did it!, changed the language on my account then the online store got in english I clicked from my pc to download to my ps4 on the english store and it seems it's downloading in english... for the love of god I can't stand the latin voices DO NOT EVER DO THIS AGAIN!

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