Is TnT always the way to go?

Demon Hunter
Currently I have a decent Magefist (20%fire, 731 Dex, 100resit all, 5 as, 10 CHC) and just got TnT for the first time (748Dex, 723 Vit, 6 as, 8 cooldown reduction, 47 pet speed).

With Magefist I'm at the 1.46 BP and with TnT I'll be at the 2.16 BP. Is the TnT better? Should I shoot for a higher BP now and faster weapon?

Any advice or character critique would be greatly appreciated.
Yes obviously, how can you even ask
No it is not obvious. You go from 9 to 25 extra bolts every 30 seconds. In no way it is obvious that this is better than 20% extra fire dmg. You might have a point when talking about the next breakpoint where you get more multishot and a lot more bolts.

That said, taskers looks like the superior choice right now. This isn't because Magefists are awful it is more because other skills are coming into play than fire skills. Maelstrom + Ballistics is extremely strong. EA is also very nice for the slow. Both of those are not affected by +Fire. Cold is more common at the high end right now than Fire, hence why none of them use magefist.
Your definition of obvious is very different than everyone else's then.
09/04/2014 11:33 PMPosted by myztikrice
Your definition of obvious is very different than everyone else's then.

No, not really.

If more people really dug into these things in game, rather than relying soley on math-craft/what happens on paper, then no, it would not be so obvious.

Simply put, what happens on paper doesn't always determine what happens in game, even with static mechanics of M6.
Generally TNT are the way to go now in 2.1, yes. Especially if relying on FA (as most of us do) - to proc the chills needed for bane trapped gem and CtW passive.

The one-second chill is very brief, so the more FA shots the better and Taskers help us reach higher BPs, resulting in more FAs and therefore more uptime of bane trapped gem and CtW bonuses.

That said the best MFs or Hexing Pants or even Cindercoat, will often out perform the worst rolled 40% Taskers, especially with pure fire builds and lower BPs. There are so many variables that it's almost impossible to give a definitive answer.
I didn't use either MF or TNT on a fire M6 to complete GR36, which is not a high number but I'm not trying to push it. Using that build right now just to level up gems to 30 for my other toons.

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