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Has blizz drastically increased the drop rate? I ask because I swear I find so many of them. That wouldn't normally be something to complain about but I can't craft any of them, let alone enchant them, when I'm not finding any legendaries to salvage.

Now if this is just RNG being RNG, then I guess I gotta hope it changes soon, especially since I can't play much as it is.
I found a ton of them the first couple days, then it tapered off as apparently you're not supposed to get legendary plan duplicates. This seems to take them out of the loot table for you. So once you've found most of them, you rarely see one at all.

Also, running a rift usually nets you a lost soul, so there's that at least if you're not seeing any others.
I ran over a dozen rifts, albeit not T1 though, and dont remember seeing many souls. I have enough for a half dozen more rifts so hopefully the plans can finish dropping for me lol. Thanks for the response.
I think it's just bad luck. My own personal experience, looking at my time playing overall, I've definitely found far more legendary *items* then I've found *plans*. However, there are times where I just don't get any legendary items at all, but find like four or five leg or set plans in a row. Then I go a couple days only finding items and no plans at all.
Yes the drop rate is definitely better, even for the newest jewelry plans.
If u get them to drop be HAPPY! I want them to drop but they wont
also the plans apparently are not part of the normal legendary loot pool.

basically if you see a plan then it's a bonus, and you haven't missed out on a legendary item or similar.

it's great they drop more often now, and that you (generally) don't see duplicates. actually, the only duplicate I saw was when levelling my barb and i found a plan that I couldnt teach to the blacksmith as I hadn't trained them. So it sat in my pack. About 1 minute later another copy of that plan dropped. eep!.

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