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I can't make up my mind. Right now, I'm torn between Barbarian, Wizard, and maybe Crusader (I say maybe only because I have only played a few levels of a Crusader thus far).

I like Barbarian because of the mobility of the class, its durability, and the way the Barbarian just wrecks things in melee. You really feel powerful. It's nice to go toe to toe with elites and take them on. Also, before I quit playing D3 around release, I played the Barbarian the most.

The Wizard, though, seems to have a lot of great synergy between skills. It flows really well for me, though I don't care for how fragile the class is. Wizard is great at handling groups, of course, though the Barbarian ain't too shabby at dealing with packs of mobs either.

Crusader is an x-factor. But I like the classes mobility a lot.

I need some help. I'll probably be playing solo. What do y'all think?
No advice?
really your call I personally use them all for different reasons but my mains are the 3 you called im typically a heavy warrior type guy but the wiz can be effective to overcome the glassness if built right but I personally stick with sader because its probably the most versatile, theyre heavier than barbs and have healing plus much more damaging aoes at end game

The Barbarian is fun, but isn't where it needs to be right now at end game, when I say end game what I mean is Greater Rift 30+. You can make it to Torment 6, but it would take some time, and a lot of lucky drops. You'll be playing Torment much faster with a Crusader. I've got a bunch of Clan mates that use a Crusader as their main, and they can do amazing damage while standing in all kinds of danger.

The Wizard is a lot of fun, great crowd control, but I don't really see a lot of burst damage from them. Great in packs for AoE damage, but unless you get the right items you'll be real slow on boss fights.

I have 9 characters at level 70, 1 of each melee and 2 of each ranged. Out of the 3 melee the Crusader is my favorite, and out of the 3 ranged the Wizard ranks last in my book.
I'm in this boat too - I quit playing my barb before ROS came out because it was as simple as "buffs, potions, whirlwind. Lather. Rinse. Repeat."

Now I"m wondering if I should level DH or wiz. I don't really like crusader or doc, my GF has a monk but I don't find it very entertaining.
Dont go DH this class will be nerfed to the ground soon enough.
I played all the classes a minimum of time and brought them all to t6 (even though my monk is still WIP) so I'll just share my view on every class. Keep in mind that I am mainly playing wizard.

-Barbarian : currently not the best effectiveness but Raekor's set is really fun, I need to do more testing. If you don't intend to play competitively and try the highest GRift possible it is a great choice : easy to build while getting geared and several options for t6 later.

-DH : best effectiveness at the highest level of gear but relies on a boring gameplay. There was never a time were I actually enjoyed the class and this is worse than ever.

-WD : very easy to get higher in difficulty with. You'll have two options for t6 : pet or jade. I enjoyed jade gameplay but pet just makes me sleepy, really. Sadly only pet can be used for higher GRift and in team it will even become control doctor. All in all the class has fun potential but the effective builds are quite boring.

-Monk : the class I've played the least and I'm gearing right now. I like the look and feel of the class but can't really talk about the build. For the moment I find it refreshing but I'm just beginning.

-Wiz : 2.1 improved wizards dramatically. It looks like we can compete with DH in higher GRift (one less level in Europe last time I checked) and I feel like we have the best build diversity at t6 level right now. My favorite voice acting (female) and favorite community (that counts too). Also the new season wand gives us the best mobility in the game when equipped :) All in all my favorite class by far since launch and I feel likes it's going to get even better. My only regret currently is that firebird's is the only option at the highest level.

-Crus : end game feels really good but gearing towards endgame was painful for me. While waiting for your sets to complete it feels like your build are always slow, not necessarily uneffective but slow. Once geared you're a killing machine though, it feels good :)
Ok my first post & I will try to answer you: I finished the game with the witch doctor & he/she did great. his power is better with powerful weapons. I also like the wizard he/she has great powers with a good wand.
The current classes that seem to stand out in T6 and Grift Tier 30+ are Demon Hunters, Monks, and Crusaders. Monks got a fantastic buff and it makes me want to play them again. Demon Hunters are the strongest right now but their boring gameplay of sitting behind sentry turrets will surely be nerfed to be on equal damage fields as other classes. If you like the "in your face" style of playing, I would suggest Monk or Crusader. I personally have mained a Crusader since RoS's release and I haven't looked back. They certainly have the highest number of build options due to their weapons/shields changing what skills do.

If you're leaning towards a wizard, there's a few things you should know. The best build, and in my opinion only build worthy of higher Grift tiers (at least from what I've seen played of them), for a wizard is the firebirds set using hydra. This feels very similar to the DH's sentry build but doesn't pump out the insane damage.

Barbarians are fun but they are weak even with great rolls on final set pieces. I've always loved them, and the leapquake and furious charge builds are very fun, but again, the damage is low even if they're perfectly geared.

I'm afraid I can't give any advice on WD's. I've never been able to get into the class myself. The Jade set looks rather interesting but I haven't seen any seasonal WD's; that might be a sign that they're rather weak for Grifts or people are like me and don't find their higher torment gameplay entertaining.

So in the end I suggest either rolling with the light and trying out a Monk or Crusader. They seem to be the two classes that aren't brokenly strong or woefully underpowered.
Out of the three your considering, Crusader is your best bet. It is arguably the best class and if you like the powerful feeling of the barb then the Crusader will not disappoint. It is easier to gear and has way more build options than the Wiz and Barb. Crusader is also the most efficient in farming mainly due to Steed Charge.
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I like Barbarian because of the mobility of the class, its durability, and the way the Barbarian just wrecks things in melee.

My main is barb. At lower levels, you might feel this is the case, but I dont think barbarian has superior mobility, durability, or the damage to wreck things in melee. I might admit to mobility with marathon sprint + raekor set, but durability is a HUGE noooooo and damage is somewhat nooooo. In solo regard, barbarians arent that much inferior to other classes, but if you decide to conquer higher g rifts with your friends, barbs are not very friendly to their users.
All in all, I would still recommend barb for you because you seem to really enjoy the simple but powerful in graphics + melee play style.
Just pick a class and play it for 20 levels or so. Then make a new hero of a different class. Keep trying them until you find one that suits you. You will get some idea. Some classes don't truly become fun until you hit 70 and gear up.

You don't actually have to play just one class. I play them all although monk not-so-much thesedays.

I find all classes to be fun (except for monk atm).
I would try them all, and see which one(s) you like best.
I would cast my vote on the Crusader, as having played all classes as well, if you are looking to play solo. It does great with mobility, and can be used to attack from afar and in melee range. It seems to me the most versatile class of all of them, especially for the end game.

But in the end it all depends on your play-style, on what you feel the most comfortable playing. My main is a monk, because I like the way the monk plays. I don't like everything about it, but no other class compels me to play something other than a monk.

BTW, the big "buff" the monk got was not anything towards its stats and skills, as they got buffed and nerfed, but in terms of a set that does much more damage than usual.
i played all of the classes to level 10-ish, and the ones i enjoyed most are the Barb and the DH.

barb, because WW is awesome, and you have a lot of stuns on your arsenal. when you get to level 70 and are prepping up for Torment 6, you have the choice to go with either Might of the Earth set items or Raekor's. both are lots of fun! stunning monsters is fun!

Demon Hunter, lots and lots of damage. i love how its the opposite of the barb where you are dodging enemies with ninja-like skills and hitting them for big damage from a distance! when you reach level 70, you have the chance to go for a Marauder's set, which is a totally different way of playing DH compared to how you leveled up from 1-69.

as for the others i got to 70, a wiz and a witch doctor ... i did not like the playstyle much. wiz felt like a DH without the ninja skills. and WD was very very strange. i enjoyed watching the WD's Jade Harvester set playstyle... but the playstyle before getting that set is what i find boring.

i cant really comment about the monk and crusader.
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Play styles:

Witch doctor: spam pets, hope they kill everything for you. They don't, because they're too weak and they die.

Monk: spam 3 skills so often you'll probably develop a health concern after a few hours.

Demon hunter: spam sentries, jump around like a retard doing nothing, wait for sentries to clear everything.

Wizard: cast black hole, throw fire DOT on mobs, hide behind the corner until they die.

Crusader: ride a horse to next elite pack, throw 3-4 packs of stampede (horses) into the creature until it's dead.

Barbarian: jump around like a frog or dash across the screen like a ping pong ball.
My two-cents is that, if you think you'll like the barb, then you'll like the barb. Granted, other classes are better than the barb at the endgame (when everyone has completed their set and is optimizing their characters for Greater Rifts above 30), but if you're a casual player who mostly plays solo then the class is plenty of fun.

I don't think casual players should be basing their class decisions on what is good or bad *right now*. The best or worst class can change with any patch, and things that are grossly underpowered eventually (albeit slowly) get fixed. The 2.1 patch buffed a lot of barb skills, and legendary gems add a lot of power and variability to the class. I didn't enjoy T6 before on my barb, but it's a lot of fun now.

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