Follower Items disappearing!

Console Bug Report
This is something that happened in vanilla, I'm shocked that this is still going on.
We've lost countless items from followers due to a glitch with co-op.

Blizzard, please look into this!
are you quiting via the PS button? i never lost a follower item even in vanilla i always kept every item they had.
Also, aesthetic items such as wings still randomly require re-application when changing areas.

Edit: Actually it's not from quitting, it seems to be an interaction when a follower is with you, and then leaves because someone joined, as the items all disappeared from my wife's templar when I left her game and the templar came back.
hmm i never had that one happen. and with the wings, i only had to re-apply them when i died.
The problem comes when you are a guest in a game. It happened in the base game as well before a patch.

The only thing I could find to do to protect myself when I was playing the base game was to dupe my follower items and put them on a mule character. That way I didn't reuse the items but I had them there as back ups.
Yeah, this happened to me too, so I am also duping follower gear to a friend's account, just in case (just special gear like thunderfury + wyrdward, follower cannot die, unity etc.)
I'm glad I saw this thread because I thought perhaps I was mistaken when I noticed a few follower items had vanished. A shame because I gave the Enchantress a Wand of Woh, my only one and it's gone.
If you want to use followers and still play co-op you can consider using the Ashearas set for it's bonus and not worry about their items being deleted.

Since I've been using Ashearas and just relying on the set bonus I havn't lost an item that I've given them and I'm mostly playing co-op.Just set your game to local only when equipping them,so nobody joins while they are in follow mode.

Extreme fix I know,but it does seem to work.

Confirmed from at least two other people who've had this happen. I don't think they have accounts, so I'm posting here:

"Was just playing co-op, dismissed my follower (after he re-joined) after successfully playing several rifts with a friend only PSN guy, then switched to co-op to help [powerlevel] my girls' DH. Out of the blue, the Templar doesn't die relic dropped, which along with the unity ring(s) I have been looking for. She left the game, went back to recruit my Templar... and low and behold, all his items are gone."

Original post:
Same here. Lost all the items on my follower.
This happens on my PS4 on local co-op with my wife. She creates a game and I join. We are done and we both exit out. I create my own game and my follower is getting one shotted doing 3-4 damage because he's got nothing on. Every item is apparently missing including the nice socketed legendary I gave him. The rings and amulet are gone. Safe to say this needs to be fixed ASAP. People shouldn't have to do "work arounds" for something like this. This is something that should be patched for all editions of UEE regardless of system as it's gamebreaking.
Playing coop with my son at home on our Xbox One and he's just discovered multiple followers have lost all gear including some irreplaceable legendarys that were brought across on from a 360 save and maintained Magic Find that doesn't roll anymore, also lost a few gems.

He has played as the guest in my games recently, sounds like for others experience that might be the trigger.

Really annoying bug.
I just had this same bug happen to me. I joined a local co-op game on the PlayStation 3 version yesterday, and now this morning my followers have lost all equipment. Several legendaries, including a scoundrel token.

This is quite discouraging; can we get a blue post to at least know this is still being looked at?
Same issue, lost all templar items, wife has lost all her enchantress items. Something to do with local co-op
Just had this happen to me as well. Doing bounties/rifts and joined my son to help him lvl his char and when I went back to my solo game my follower was naked and all his skills were randomized.
I was really hoping that this was fixed in the little patch we got a week ago... This is why I have my follower empty right now. All of his gear is in my stash.
If blizzard is unable to fix this, can they at least provide larger stashes? 210 spaces is not enough!
This happens to me on Xbox one.

It happened when I jumped from game to game doing rifts and also soloing. This didn't happen when quitting the game improperly. One game my templar was fully geared (Unity, legendary relic, etc) a few games later he was naked.

This is absolutely brutal.
yesterday tried a new item on my follower and didn't like it. Left the original items on. Today I looked at him and he has no items, EMPTY. Blizzard where have the items gone??? Should I be concernd about my main character? Please this needs to be resolved. now my unity ring is useless for solo play. FML!!!
Yeah this happen to me also, very sad. Both my enchantress and my Templar had the cannot die trinkets and now everything is gone. Makes me nervous to put anything on them except crappy crafted gear. *sad face*

Edit: is this issue with couch co-op only or multiplayer in general?

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