[Video] My first T6 Lightning monk run.

Hello everyone, I would like to share my first D3 video of me doing my first T6 run on my lightning build monk. This wasn't a super fast run of 6-8 minutes like swk monks can do but it was really fun to do.

Pretty much its true about swk monks, its insane of how much damage they can do but I'm not going to fall into that build like they did to my sader with fate of fell or darklight builds ;x.

Lightning fo life :)


Thanks for watching it if you do watch it :)
Congratz! Good to see there are still lightning monks around! My favorite too :p
09/04/2014 04:00 PMPosted by Zuper
Congratz! Good to see there are still lightning monks around! My favorite too :p

Thank you, I really had fun doing this run, you can't hear me since I don't have a mic but I was screaming in happiness when I beat the boss, I've never got to do T6 before till now and I'll do it as a lightning build monk.

Good that you're enjoying yourself. I'm enjoying my monk too. It still isn't at the level of a M6 DH or crusader. But the speed and mobility is amazing!

But until they fix the damage potential and melee survivability.... You will only see SWK ripping through the highest G rifts.
Zuper, I hit decline on the friend request by mistake, I'll sent you a friends request and if you didn't get that send another one towards my way :)
I'm also messing around with a lighting build. Was going to mainly use Dashing Strike, but since it's really focused around a specific weapon, which I can't get to drop, it's at a stand-still for now.

May just drop the whole 6-set and give a shot to what you're running, looks fun!
If you're referring to the jawbreaker weapon, don't worry about it. The storm breaker build is not fun to play due to the kiting nature.
Gratz man :) That is an achievement for sure! I hit a wall at T4 with my lightning monk.

If you fancy a change i highly recommend the Sunwuko's holy build. I can fly through T6 in the same time my lightning monk did T2. Its also pretty fun seeing your decoy explode for between 60 - 120 mil crits every second :P

Keep up the good work dude :)

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