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I didn't feel like necro'ing the other thread but I wanted to bring this topic back to discussion.

05/22/2014 01:32 PMPosted by Grimiku
Personally, I like the sound of that suggestion, and this makes me think it might be a good time to have a discussion about special event buffs. I'm curious about what kind of buffs do you all want? That's kind of a broad question, though, and it might be a good idea to narrow it down a little bit.

What kind of buff interest you the most, and why?

Special Event buffs that:
  • Increase your damage
  • Award Bonus xp
  • Award bonus loot
  • Increase rare spawns (like Conduit Pylons, or Treasure Goblins)

Don't feel like your response needs to be limited to these, though. If you've got a great idea outside of these focused questions then feel free to let us know!

List of suggestions from the other thread:

  • Trade Buff (This was asked for in many different forms, I didn't really want to include it but it's there so I figured I should. Ideas ranged from always allowing trade, allowing trade within clans while buff is up, allow trade with anyone while buff is up, no time limit on trading for buff duration, etc.)
  • Double spawn rate of conduit pylons
  • Gloves of Worship increase pylon duration
  • 1/100 to open a goblin rift (achieved!)
  • Double Goblin spawn (achieved!)
  • Double drop-rate from Cache
  • Increase likelihood of Cow Rift
  • Increased keys and organ drop rate
  • Random global boss events
  • Bonus xp
  • Access to all 3 followers at once
  • Followers can be used in multiplayer games
  • Resource generators generate 50% more resource(I imagine this would have to be primary skills)
  • Cooldown reduction is now 75% (max regardless of items)
  • Double bounty gold rewards
  • Double gold drop (achieved!)
  • Double caches per bounty reward
  • Double gem drops
  • 1/2 price mystic, blacksmith, gem crafting (can be individual buffs or tied into one)
  • All Hallows Eve, 5x greater density on all maps
  • Christmas bonus, all chests are replaced with gift boxes and drop more or better loot
  • Unique rift boss who can drop a unique legendary
  • Double rift guardians
  • Completing all bounties for the two bonus acts awards another cache
  • Guaranteed legendary from act bosses if quests are reset
  • 25% movement speed (this is one I'd like to see and call it "Leg Day" :D)
  • 100% proc rate on area damage
  • Every elite killed increases legendary drop rate and xp by 0.05% (stacks until end of buff)
  • All gems dropped in T1+ will be imperial quality
  • Increased xp reward for massacres (I'd love to see the massacre counter like they have on console)
  • Characters 1-69 recieve more xp
  • Flawless imperial gems can now drop from monsters
  • Elemental damage increase
  • Enemies killed by elements proc effects (different for each element)
  • All elemental damage has a chance for a secondary effect stun, bleed, poison etc
  • Royal Grandeur, all sets require 1 less item, stacks with ring. (could potentially allow for items to gain a 2 set bonus from just having 1 piece too)
  • Heroes have extra health, armor, or resistances
  • Boss rift. No mobs, just bosses, each boss completes a chunk of the progress bar
  • Elite packs and bosses/guardians can drop forgotten souls, blood shards, rift stones, or higher end gems
  • All pylons/pillars give their respective movement speed buffs in addition to normal buffs
  • Double gold pick up radius
  • Chance on salvage to receive double the mats
  • Multiplayer group buff extends to single players
  • All shrines spawn a champion pack
  • Random mob scaling size (Unburieds could be the size of the shadow things from act 4 or vice versa)
  • Reverse rifts, defend against waves of monsters which get harder and harder until we can't anymore then loot is rewarded
  • A shocking good time: All pylons are now conduit and speed. Rares/champion packs have increased chance to spawn with thunderstorm or orbital
  • Kadala weapon discount (from 15 shards to 5 shards for weapons)
  • Critical hit chance buff
  • Mystic stat rolls only draw from the upper half (ex: 626-750 dex would only be able to roll ~690-750)
  • Only takes 2 gems to craft the gem above
  • Heroes have a random elemental immunity buff, changes on game creation
  • Double spawn rate on cursed events

I didn't make it through the whole thread, many ideas were the same or similar. I tried to not include duplicates but may have repeated myself somewhere. I would love to see some of these buffs implemented. I think it would be really awesome to always have a community buff going and maybe put them on two week rotations.

An idea would be to have a calendar on the main menu which would list out the next 3 months worth of community buffs, their start and end dates so players could be better informed.

A few event buffs I'd like to see are:
  • Elites spawn with an additional affix, yield better rewards
  • Re-introduce immune minions for champion packs, they now drop blood shards
  • Ramaladni's Gift has increased drop rate

I know I had a few other ideas but I forgot them or they were mentioned above. Some of these buffs would be too strong so I imagine they would be disabled for greater rifts. I still think it'd be cool to have more buffs and always have at least one active at a time.

Please add more if you have any ideas, as you can see a few have already been implemented.
Totally stealing an idea from another thread but:

Treasure goblins have increased health and now fight back.
09/08/2014 02:35 PMPosted by Haeos
I think it would be really awesome to always have a community buff going and maybe put them on two week rotations.

Been meaning to post exactly this for some time and I'm glad the OP mentions it. But personally I think it'd be more fun making it daily and random like the bounty bonuses are. Constantly rotating an active buff would bring sense of excitement logging on daily and change people's activities based on what was up that day. Instead of rift... rift... rift... rift... ah crap I'm out of keys... speed bounties... rift... rift... rift...

Remember when the intention was to allow players to log on and have variety? Here's your chance to redeem that Blizz.
Entire map visible at once.
Elites visible on the map.
Though that would cheapen some achievements.
i think there should be an increased drop rate on salvaging mats for crafting and enchanting since mats take forever to farm at times... as a limited buff for so long maybe like a weekend buff or something...
Buff - increase chance to get legendary gear from Kadala by 100%

i spent 60k shards and still need Taskers!
The one thing i always HATE about community buffs. "Weekend" Only Buffs. I have worked every weekend for the past 20+ years, except when on a vacation. Being in a job that serves the public; my weekend is during the week. Week long community buffs give everyone a chance to find some time to enjoy it for more than just an hour or two.
What might be a good idea for people who find time constraints on community buffs. Give one buff per account that lasts all week but a limited usage time

ex: Increase gold drop 100% will be on your account ALL week but you only have 2 hours online usage of it per buff

that way people who cant play weekends can use up the buff anytime during that week

just a thought
I really love the boss rift or the inverted rift ideas since I enconter more than enough rifts where I have to dash through them and I get 2 elite packs and maybe 30 white mobs total, in a whole rift level...

Noone mentioned it, but there could be a buff that allows RIFT goblins to spawn the Vault portal.
Also there could be a buff that increases the chance of the goblin party spawn (spot where you have multiple goblins), or guarantees that there is one goblin party in each rift.
Every time you kill a 30+ GRift boss with a new person, you both get an extra Legendary, 12h CD.
- Promotes teamplay, making new friends and introducing less hardcore players to high level Grifts.

Covetous Shen's dead disciple haunts GRifts looking for loot, if you find and manage to kill him, Covetous Shen will grant you Ramaladni's Gift.
- Covetous Shen is by far my most favorite character in Diablo and i think Ramaladni's Gift should drop in GRifts.

diablo Diablo DIABLO weekend!
If you complete all bounties you get a special bounty to kill Diablo, only there are 3 of him...
A small and speedy diablo with wee little aoe's, if only he would just stand still so you can hit him!
A normal sized diablo, nothing special.
A MEGA diablo that slowly moves around a try to kill you with his humongous aoe's.

- I have no explanation, i just want to see a wee diablo running around and a Godzilla Diablo stomping up the place, !@#$ YEAH!

I could make these up all day, this is fun, but work calls! :,(
Double density Greater rifts......or elites packs come in pairs.
Or...."Followers day" take them all with u? or take 1 with u in multi player game?
1. guaranteed legendary drops from elites
2. guaranteed legendary drops from goblins
3. slider to choose density of mobs
Hey Haeos! Great compilation here, linking to this from my thread and leaving my thread link here:
I have really enjoyed the past community buffs and love the idea of new ones..

I was talking about this with a friend a few days ago about how new community buffs could be introduced. I played a lot of ME3 multiplayer and every month they had a community event that if completed would unlock rewards for the player that participated and the community as a whole.

I think it would be cool for the buff to be unlocked the community has to achieve something in game. Whether that is a special task, number of guardians killed or something like that over the course of a week or more depending on what the challenge is. This encourages people to log on and play during the challenge time. Also the buff if unlocked feels more rewarding knowing everyone worked towards unlocking it.
Cache item buff: opening a cache have a chance to get all items from that act cache
50 percent chance increase for treasure vaults portal from treasure seeker goblins
It seems like keeping a nice quantity regular gems can be a problem once you find something really good and you want to mystic roll it.

The "rainbow goblin" opens a portal twin to Whimsyshire with nothing really special about it accept for a rare mob with a goofy name.

How about we make the rainbow portal 'worth' going into by having it loaded with those little piñatas and pot-o-gold jars that drop a nice amount of typical gems (marquise w/ chance for imperials etc.) upon clicking on them? Or have the rare mob in the end, be a little tougher, but upon death it explodes with gems?

Nothing super extravagant since we do get gems as we grind, but a nice increase to stash of gems would be nice from time to time, huh?
Lot's of great ideas, but I do feel we are missing a vital point or purpose for these buff's. Sure I appreciate the fun aspect of this and benefit, having more frequent buff's during holiday's will keep regular players interested, it would be great to entice players back with tiered buff's based on time since last played. This could be as simple as 3-5 days = random tier x buff, 5-8 days = random ... you get the point; basically this allows blizzard to reward/thank you for continuing to play, and for those who haven't played for an age it could bring them back for the longer haul!
Last Friday I noticed this thread got more attention and I was quite pleased others had ideas. I didn't post again in it because during the weekend threads tend to get buried and since Tuesday there have been a lot of threads and it would have gotten buried anyway.

I am happy others would like to see constant community buffs and incentives to bring players back along with retaining/rewarding current players. If it could pan out to be a rotating 2 week buff with a calendar, I think it'd be amazing.

Keep bringing in ideas or comments!

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