The GREAT Disconnection death

So when does blizzard implement something against disconnections ?
When diablo 4 comes out in 2030.
Why don't they just implement (maybe as an option) an auto logoff timer that happens if you're in combat and afk for 5 seconds?
never. you must be new. this has been discussed ad nausiam for the past 2 years with 0 results
Dead HC toons should transfer to Softcore.
Problem half solved.
Yes, transfer the fallen to Softcore!
There are things that can kill a player in this game


but there are also other things

Power Shortage
Sever Problems

and we know this... we know that when we make a character in hardcore we are exposed to all these risks
and that if you die. you die.

That is exactly what makes hardcore, HARDCORE.

this is what makes those softcore players look at us and even make it hard for them to talk to us..
because were HARDCORE... were on a whole different league

Now making hardcore characters transfer to softcore just defeats the purpose.

If its to much
softcore is around the corner

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