Exploiting the game is tolerated nowadays?

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Should we all hop on the exploit wagon or is there some rollback (for exploiters) / bans coming?

I would like to ask, is exploiting tolerated by Blizzard?
You can do it without fear?

Good quote from diablofans:
I'm actually really worried that Blizzard aren't going to do anything about this other than just hotfix it. If they do nothing it will be clear that they think exploiting is fine.I do hope people get banned for this. It's clearly an exploit and anyone using it should be dealt with.

What you think, any comments from Blue?

Should not be hard to select out players who XP gain increased exponentially (like 50 times).
yeah go ahead blizz doesnt ban anyone
D3 reaper of exploits. So go ahead. All they will do is nerf it for everyone else and leave the front runners alone.
yeah go ahead blizz doesnt ban anyone
I play to have fun could care less about the exploiting crap .... reason I play solo or with family , and ignore all the bs while hoping Blizz handles it :)
Exploit = rank 1
Don't exploit = forget about being competitive
Yes, I agree with that quote. I'm the one who made it.

But seriously. If they do nothing it will literally be an admission that exploiting is fine. If they do, then seasons will simply be a leaderboard of who can exploit the most.
gabynator is doing exploit question what is gabynators claim to fame after they ban his paragon 1k account ? what will he stream what a moron
If you find an exploit in D3 I highly suggest using it till your fingers fall off. One thing Blizzard has shown is that they really just don't care if you exploit in this game. I'm willing to bet if you found an exploit in this game at the beginning of season 2 that made you hit level 70 and paragon 4,000,000 in 5 minutes, all they would do is hotfix it.
Blizzard just keeps deleting the threads, they don't care.
in before lock.

what a nightmare
They're doing damage control. Too bad kongor already showed everyone how to do it. He's doing it live right now.
Yet you all cry every time they fix one. Bunch of hypocrites. They delete threads that support and foster exploits. You all can't really know their stance on exploits beyond ignorant opinions.
09/08/2014 10:26 AMPosted by Hextor
They're doing damage control. Too bad kongor already showed everyone how to do it. He's doing it live right now.

they need to bring down the servers until its fixed
These kinds of posts are actually common since there have been so many exploits.
Every time a blue just posts their usual warnings by quoting a portion of the TOS or something about how 'no, exploits are not tolerated and you shouldnt do them' which is of course what they're going to say ... but ... with all the big exploits through out D3 I dont remember any big ban wave or serious consequences. Of course the exploiters are going to keep doing what they do then ... why not?

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