Error 10017

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Unable to join the channel. You have joined the maximum number of this channel type. Error 10017.

I played all day today and yesterday without any problems and about 1 hour ago the game sarted freezing for no reason and kept getting random disconnects. I thought it was my internet connection but my fionce was also playing diablo with me on her laptop and she didnt have any problems. (she is still playing as i write this without problems while my problem persists.)
After a few disconnects then game completely broke, giving me the error above everytime i try to create a game or join another. I tried turning off the router for 5 mins and game fix from battle net application but nothing worked.

What is wrong with the game and why did it go awol?
I just got this error after two DC's - How can I fix!>??!!??!?!!?
Bump I am having the same problem
Currently experiencing the same issue while I have WinMTR running, this issue only happening after a rather longer period of intermittant lag.
same here, i was playing fine just then, i saw a friend log on, so i left a game to join him, no dice. Error 10017. Now I'm just stuck in D3 Menu..... Can join party, can't leave, restarted game, computer, internet connection, removed cache, same errors.
Found a solution.
I was DC from a game, then rejoined. Then that series of events above happened. I got all members of that game to exit that particular instance of the game. Now i'm in and playing.
Same problem today. WTF.
Between Error 10017 and Error 395000 I cannot play any more today. I have been playing all day, then about an hour ago, I started getting these messages when I try to log in.

Unable to join the channel. You have joined the maximum number of this channel type.

There was a problem loading the game license. Please try again.

Rebooted the router, the computer and the game, no luck.

Sup with that?
Same here. Goodness. I can't seem to find a solution as well. Anybody have any luck on this yet?
Hello Blizz! Why are you not responding to this thread?! Your customers are being blocked from playing your product, you need to respond. If you don't know why the hell this message is being displayed then say it. Ignoring this is very unprofessional.
The 10017 error is still being investigated but I'm told they're close to a solution. There aren't any verified workarounds you can use if it happens to you really. It occurs typically if you're playing in a multiplayer game and get abnormally disconnected but one or more of the others in your party aren't. Sometimes when this happens, you'll get the error trying to get back in. It should stop once the game you were in closes but I've seen where that's not always the case as well.

I believe I've seen users report that connecting to another region and then going back to their regular one can help too, but it's not confirmed that this will work.

We do apologize for the time it's taken to get this issue resolved. Hopefully we'll see the end of it soon.

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Feedback? -
Happened to me a few times.

If closing game/party doesn't work... it usually fixes itself in about 1-2 hours.
this has happened to me a lot of times but i always thought it was my fault because i would be disconnected due to my own connection issues
same .12days since the first post!
I'm currently experiencing this issue. Do I have to send a support ticket, or just wait it out?
yeah , it just happen to me today . Blizzard please contact me or fix the problem for me asap . my login name is
Really? This is still doing it... it's November, you plan on having something done yet???? oh yeah and the error 3007 can be fixed too while you are at it..
I am now having this problem today.
Been trying to play with mixed success today and yesterday, this error code trying to start a private game, error 3006 when trying to join a public game, if i do manage to get into a game it just lags the entire time and I can't do anything. Very frustrating. Tried resetting my router, updated drivers, everything. My internet is working just fine
Just happened to me now! Got disconnected and can't log back in! What the heck??

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