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This is still incredibly, incredibly, incredibly broken. It was pointed out on the first day of PTR straight through to the last, straight through to live, and to this day. It's difficult to want to upgrade GRift keys because the ONLY determining factor is whether you'll get screwed on density.

ETA on fix? TY.
Considering there hasn't been a blue post on this (to me knowledge), I wouldn't expect a fix asap...
It's kind of funny that I get runs at level 3 that take 8 minutes compared to some 3 minute runs at around level 18, purely because I end running through empty levels.
I'll never understand the "logic" at work with Blizzard. They tout greater rifts as a type of PvM competition but fail to make them equal across the board.

Got a bad greater rift with long empty hallways? Tough ****.

Act 5 mobs? Good luck.

Dense greater rift full of Act 1 mobs? Set a new record.
Why is density in rifts still a problem? Rifts are the core of the game. Seems pretty important to fix this.
Might have something to do with server load. All Grifts and Rifts should be high density. High level GRifts especially though, if you find yourself walking around for a minute with no enemies you will fail.
Greater rifts are not just about killing mobs.

It's also about running around and "solving" the maze-like maps. Whoever finds the exit to the next level the earliest with the least number of encountered dead ends will likely find their names on the leaderboards.
@Feeline You need to thumble to locate and better CDR to unleash your sentries.

Everyone face the same emptiness of Grifts but why is it some can do it while others have little or no idea?
Yeah the density situation is so frustrating.

Perhaps they should create static configurations per GR level. Meaning, every player gets the exact same GR1 layout and mobs, the exact same GR2 layout and mobs, etc. This might be boring, but it would remove a ton of variables that are currently rendering the leaderboard pointless.

Also, this pre-configured GR would allow the Greater Rifts design to scale in difficulty by the mob type, map, and density. Example, GR5 can be Northern Highlands with a bunch of skeleton mobs. GR35 can be those long stupid maps that make you run back forever if you die, such as that 2-mile long straight sewer map or the ever-popular Araneae map with Act5 mobs. This approach would scale the difficulty in ways beyond simply making the mobs have more health and hit harder.
They know.

They don't give a damn.

The community has been asking for greater density for years.

Good luck =\
Don't forget pylons for the 5s RG kill! :p
09/12/2014 02:20 PMPosted by QtriNitY
Everyone face the same emptiness of Grifts but why is it some can do it while others have little or no idea?

Do you really believe records are being set or content is being pushed in the empty greater rifts?
It's honestly amazing that it takes them so long to make changes...Won't be fixed before the release of the next xpac or Diablo game I'll bet.

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