20% Holy damage or Alacrity from HF Ammy?

i got this HF ammy from my frustrated fire monk..

700 dex
15% fire damage
86% Crit D
9% CH

then i got this Eye of Elitch
707 dex
20% Holy
96% CD
9% CH

im currently rolling for the Flying Dragon-SWK build
is the 20% holy damage worth losing over the alacrity from my HF?
I would take the Hellfire Amulet. Alacrity would help your Flying Dragon procs and give you more spirit for SWK procs. Plus, if the Hellfire Amulet is not enchanted, roll the Fire Damage into a socket and take a legendary gem.
100% What he said
Uhhh...EoE that rolled essentially perfectly? 40% reduction from ranged attacks or 15% attack speed?

Heres a few things I would consider. First if your intent is to use this on a holy monk the fire is useless so it's a pretty obvious choice - you take the EoE. If you are trying to argue which amulet is better overall it's a good questions but I would use the EoE.

Another thing. I would consider rerolling that dex and putting a socket on that EoE. It's pretty rare to be able to reroll the mainstat off of an amulet as the RNG is ridicules. I think the mainstat is probably the only desirable stat on an ammy that can be beat by a legendary gem. Put a gogok legendary gem on that puppy and you probably have the BIS Ammy for a monk in general.
cant remove fire from HF. i chose to reroll the 15% area damage so i got the crit damage..
im happy with the EOE now... i noticed that mirinae proc damage dropped soon as i removed EOE..
i couldnt reroll dex for socket i removed vit so i could get the 96% crit damage..

do you guys still stack cooldown on your FD-SWK monks?
i have 2 armor parts rerolled to CD...i could change them for more damage
thanks btw...i kinda figured things out.. yesterday while waiting for replies :D
and 30% reduced damage from range i guess is decent already..but 40% could have been the bomb

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