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I am coming back with some more ideas. Please leave a comment bellow to let me know what you think about them.

- Keystones of Trials: Keystones of Trial are stacking and no one has the motivation to go through 200-300+ trials to get Greater Rift keys.
 Players find difficult and tiring to accumulate keys of a specific level. One can be able to clear level 40 Greater Rifts but unable to get keys above 36 in Trials. He then get 10 keys level 36 and has to go through hours of uninteresting playing in order to get 10 keys level 40.
 Once a level of Greater Rift has been reached, you should be able to select the level up you want (up to the max level you have reached) when putting a Key of Trial in the Obelisk.

- Greater rift: Too much randomness (density / Pylons / monster type).
 No harmony between offense and defense. “One Shot” mechanics are problematic.
 Pylons should be removed and each map within a greater rift should have a comparable density and a type of monster from each act (no more maps full of fallen angels or full of slow zombies).

- Rift: Reached difficulty cap (T6). One-shooting everything is not interesting. Implement T7-T10 to keep players interested.
 No increased drop-rate after T6.
 New Elite affixes: See the following thread: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/14609011468
 Legendary-specific in T7+: New Legendaries | Same Legendaries with possibility to drop them with 1 extra primary affix | Same legendaries with possibility to roll higher affixes.

Please note: "Rifts" and "Greater Rifts" do not serve the same purpose. Rifts are meant to be farmed, to get experience, golds and loots. Greater Rifts are meant to be tried-hard, in order to push your already acquired skills/gear to their limits and rank yourself in the Ladders. You cannot farm and should not farm "Greater Rifts" the same way you farm "Rifts".

- Class / Build balance: Make sure each element can be part of a viable build to farm efficiently higher difficulties.
 In theory, a class should have different build outputting more or less the same DPS when the player has reached optimal gearing. Builds need to be fun to play, using a variety of spells, a combination of set items and legendary gems.
 If a build depends on a special set of items that gives a huge boost of DPS (on top of the actual DPS of the set of skills in the build) it then becomes incontestably better than all the other builds.
 If a “better” build relies on slow and unimpressive mechanics, such as DoT, if becomes boring and uninteresting to play.

- Gear evolution: Primary / Secondary affix are limiting factors (Reroll makes it easy to have perfect primary affixes. Secondary affixes have too little of an impact).
 Limiting amount of primary affixes shorten the life of the game: Players find “perfect” pieces of gear quicker than if there were 5 primary affixes on gear. More primary affixes means that players will take longer to have the “perfect” gear with the right affixes and the right roll amounts.
 Limiting amount of primary affixes implies too many sacrifices, especially with the introduction of new affixes such as cooldown reduction, or cost resource reduction. Players often have to sacrifice defense in favor of offense and the balance between these two tends to disappear on higher difficulties.
 Max rolls are known. After a while, you don’t dream of an item better than everyone else’s.
 Gem diversity: Change the way you play instead of boosting the current existing stats. Increase the number of Rank bonuses: Bonus after Rank 20, 35 and 50.
 Weapons can roll elemental damage ranges (ex: +1400-1700 Fire Damage), but these feature aren’t used. Weapons with a certain type of elemental damage should provide a small “bonus” such as a +5% elemental damage party-wide buff for 5sec after inflicting damage on a monster.

- Quality of Life Improvements: Here are some quality of life improvements I would like to see.
 Make Ramaldni’s Gift stackable.
 Make Keys of Trial droppable or sellable (1 gold each).
 Increase stacks of materials (veiled crystals, arcane dusts etc) from 1,000 to 5,000.
 More options where to spend our Paragon Points: Implementation of a Skill Tree or more Stats to spend the point in, such as Resource Regeneration (Core), Elemental Damage (Offense), Dodge (Defense), Pick-Up Radius (Utility).

Summary: Remember what defines a hack’n’slash. Constant farming and possibility to always drop better items keeps players interested.
EDIT: I have added a link to ideas of Elite Affixes / Boss Modifiers: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/14609011468

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