New barbarian sets - changes we need

I'm sure many barbarians miss the old "spin to win" playstyle, and although Nubtro and Det0x did a nice job with their phys ww/rend build (I don't have Task, but I played the build and it's awesome), I was thinking about new ideas for sets. I know maybe it's worthless, since Blizzard it's not answering anything we suggest or ask in here, but I'm a barbarian at heart and I really think the class have become something else, but not a barbarian, like this guy said it:

Our class main sets are so ''non Barbarian'' it makes me miss the old days. I had my fun with MotE in the beggining but comes to a point you can't be efficient anymore and you start feeling something like a battle mage, and Raekor, pushing mobs around the rift with the worst single target damage ever, hoping to the RNG gods to smile at us so we can finish the gr in 5 minutes, because the RG fights lasts forever. Anyway, this may not be a change for now, but maybe for the future patches, where new sets may be created. I really would like to see something more "barbarian" style. We know the barbarians were divided in tribes, many of these represented by animals (Raekor would be from Oxen tribe -, so what about a set based on the Wolf tribe, for example? Something focused on Rend, perhaps. Just ideas, but what about:

(2) +500 Strength
(4) Rend and Cleave(or WW) damage increased by x%
(5) All damage of Rend it's dealt instantly

Yeah, Raekor single target damage issue can be fixed, MotE can be buffed to be competitive with Raekor, but what about our "melee" playstyle? All we do it's jump around or dragging mobs around the map. It's that all? I would like the idea of actually playing as a true warrior.
I'd prefer something more like Akkhans, it doesn't have to be as strong, but something so we can do Perma WoTB since they get Perma Akarats + 2 cheat deaths and 1 resets every 20 seconds, as long as they avoid their passive + Akarat both being on CD they can never die.
Yeah, that would be nice too. A lot of us have already asked for this. A long time ago someone came up with a "Battlemaster" set, which would allow us to dual wield two handed weapons. That would be awesome too.
I just want the barbarian class to not suck anymore. It's embarrassing when poorly-geared dh's and wizards won't run with you on your endgame barbarian b/c you'll just slow the team down.
I completely hear you. I play strictly barbarian and I feel at times he is a hybrid caster/warrior because I truly never hit a monster with my leapquake barb. I miss the good old days where I would WW everything but that build is just so underpowered. We are truly at the mercy of the developers. If they want to buff a set.. i.e. Raekor's because they feel it has a good animation, then everyone is using Raekor's because the developers made it powerful. Who knows we might get another set from seasons that might change our perspective on the meleeness of a barb. And yes I just made up "meleeness" lol
09/16/2014 02:58 PMPosted by Linarian
Who knows we might get another set from seasons that might change our perspective on the meleeness of a barb. And yes I just made up "meleeness" lol

Yes... you got that right!
09/16/2014 02:37 PMPosted by Hadd
"Battlemaster" set, which would allow us to dual wield two handed weapons.

+1 this is a great idea. Any idea or word from devs when new developments may be coming? 2014- Season 2?
Akkarats is a great set because its so versatile for the crusader. Forcing characters into using specific skills obviously limits potential builds and only offers small variations. Sometimes this is fine, because it creates an opportunity to make skills you enjoy using occasionally to a defining component of your character.

I would definitely agree a WotB set or something similar (reduce cooldowns of all skills while WotB is active per kill/assist) would be very handy and offer something more to the barbarian class. Offering better fury generation across the board instead of cool downs...or have two sets, one for each.

Sets and Legs that provide flexibility and don't bottleneck us into certain skills and skill combinations is, imo, a better way to go about balancing classes out.
We need sets that enable fury spenders and can be combo'd with IK, so more 4 piece sets that somehow modify seismic slam, whirlwind, hota, etc... Fury spenders have pretty much been phased out by Raekor's/Leapquake.

Perhaps make one that enables them all, something like:
2) Gain 1500 life per fury spent.
3) Increase fury generation by 100%.
4) Increase the damage and cost of resource spenders by 100% (double the damage at double the cost).

I've always been a fan of more damage at more cost (optional) gameplay. Also that 2h dual wield someone suggested sounds pretty awesome and unique, very barbarian-esque.

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