Found a SS on Seasonal. Reroll vitality?

Hey Everyone, quick question!

I just found a Serpent Wand on seasonal. Since I don't have the socket item, should I reroll vitality for a socket?

Thank you!
If you're going to use blazing hydra, roll vit to attack speed. If you're going to use mammoth hydra, keep the vitality and roll the damage range higher.

(Most people use blazing with SS)
But since I dont have the socket item, I will need to put a socket into it, no?
Vit to socket, then later when you get a gift, socket to attack speed. That kind of commits you to blazing hydra, but honestly that's the right choice anyway. SS is already too fast for mammoth.
i'd keep the vit. i had 7% ias on my ss and rolled it off because vit is just so nice in GR's.
Keep the vit. Sacrificing a lot of toughness for a marginal dps increase is not worth it imo

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