Is this Etrayu worth rolling and gifting?

Demon Hunter
Do you think its worth it to roll for %dmg and gift this etrayu. I'm currently using the other bow in the image.
No way - salvage that thing.
Without the 5% IAS it's only 2263 dps. Rolled then to 10% dam it'd be 2489.

And it's only got a 17% frost roll on top of it.

Yeah, mine's mediocre (and with craptacular dex), but that one's just kind of bad. Lame :(

Salvage it, and I hope the next weapon you find is better. :)
Worth gifting?
09/16/2014 06:42 PMPosted by Hayduck
Worth gifting?

yes of course :P

only a few dps lower than mine, and yours is better cold % to boot

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