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I've found some really good 2H weapons and the only thing keeping me from using them is dual wielding you can double your crit dmg. PLEASE oh PleAsE! Make 2H weapons have 2 sockets. 2H weapons are just about useless and an addition of a second socket would bring them up to par with dual wielding in the least. There are too many benefits to having an offhand making 2Her's just not worth the sacrifice.
Unless you're a Crusader. ;D
I want 5 sockets.
give two sockets to two handers and people will be... why are one handers so useless, please buff one handers blizz

after the one hander buff because of two sockets on two handers...

why are two handers useless...

circle of crying
2H weapons are perfectly competitive after the recent buffs to them. Even with the loss of the crit damage, the sheer weapon damage difference makes up for it.
I want no more gear and one magor socket. Of course I'll need a a gem with 30 affixes and 15 stats.
So a resounding "NO", is it? Ok then. Just testing the waters as most my buddies thought it was a good idea. All thoughts welcome.

Happy Gaming Everyone!
They already buffed two handers.
Two sockets would've been okay a long time ago. However right now twohanded weapons are equal to dual wielding or onehand + offhand. They actually might be better since burst damage > damage over time.
Is this guy trolling or is he just an idiot?

Welcome to Patch 2.1, pal. Two Handed weapons are better than Dual Wield for most builds. Any skill that gains no benefit from Attack Speed will be better with a 2-Hander.
I actually feel the opposite. I feel that 2 handed weapons are vastly superior to 1 handed.
I use a 2 hander on my seasonal Barb, and am rockin' 500% CHD... with only 1 socket. 2 handers are fine.
Ugh... ask for an opinion and get called a troll and an idiot. Thanks for opening my eyes... I won't ever express another opinion on the D3 forums ever again.

Good F*#king day.
Settle down now. Play the game. Think about the game some more. Be prepared for negative feedback. Don't let people get at you.
Well... c'mon... look at my profile. It's not like I don't play. I'd love to use a good 2H but I haven't fond one that I'd give up for the 130% crit dmg on my offhand for. Negative feedback is fine I can handle that but I expected people on here to be above the types of replies I've received. For crying out loud... you people take forums like PvP...
You need to understand how your damage is calculated and then you will say: "WOW, 2H WEAPONS ARE OP"
100 billion sockets!!!!
09/17/2014 08:32 PMPosted by BlackEquinox
2H weapons are just about useless

Seriously? When was the last time you actually played? 2H weapons are now used more than dual wielding since 2.1 release. There's probably a reason for that. Might have to do some math.

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