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09/21/2014 07:39 PMPosted by SunRunner
The weapon is pre patch 2.1 and I added the socket a while back. I re-rolled the socket first then tried to get the RG to work but it won't.

You added the socket via enchanting, right? Not by gifting it?

You can only gift an item once ever.

How many main affixes does this weapon currently have?
09/21/2014 08:22 PMPosted by Matik
If you have a weapon that already has a socket and you reroll that to a different stat, you can't use the Ramaldni's Gift on it.

Sure you can. I know I've done it more than once.

If an item drops with a socket, you CAN roll the socket off, then re-ad the socket with a gift.

if you get an item that has no socket, and then you use a gift on it-- then a while down the road you forget about the gift, then roll that socket off. Later on when you go to add a gift you'll see it won't work because that item has already had a gift applied to it.
09/22/2014 05:47 AMPosted by JaqenHghar
My problem is the biggest one of all. I can't seem to find it and with close to 2500 hours logged on my Barb alone, this is extremely frustrating.

I think not ever finding a weapon truly worthy to use it on is a tad more depressing.

! found 4 gifts this weekend. I only used one on a crafted ancient devastator for my wiz.

Booooring. =/

edit- i see now this was a necro, and looking at your furnace makes my version worse.
01/29/2015 10:29 AMPosted by MrWarglaive
I think not ever finding a weapon truly worthy to use it on is a tad more depressing.

I would tend to agree with that statement.

However, here's my issue with gifts, by example.

You get a 2.8k dps ancient weapon that is an upgrade for you. You excitedly abandon your 2.5k dps weapon and throw a gift on that shiny new 2.8k dps weapon. Because of that gift you can add 10% damage and that 2.8k weapon is now ~3100 dps. Sweet!

Then a week later a 3k dps weapon drops. Sweet! Upgrade over that 2.8k that dropped a week before! Oh wait. No gifts in the bank, used last one on that 2.8k weapon.

Suddenly that 3k dps weapon that just dropped isn't as good as the previous weapon you gifted, so you can't use the better drop because it's inferior without a gift. And, to top it off.... it could be a freaking month before you find another gift.

That's the boat I'm in right now. Crafted a 3100 dps weapon, gifted it. Had a 3k weapon drop. With a gift it could be 3300 dps. But it's not an upgrade because I can't gift it. Using it anyway so I can have two characters with ancient weapons, but it's very frustrating.
Glad he solved his issue, but I have to chuckle at the plethora of misinformation and speculation given until the right answer turned up.

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