Rift trials don't really measure anything.

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I love 2.1. Love it. Great additions/changes all around. One thing that I don't like however, is the rift trial. In theory, it's supposed to measure what level greater rift you can complete. But it doesn't. Here's the issue - the way in which the trial enemies approach is too tailored to certain build/playstyles.

For example, my monk (who's nothing special), usually gets the highest trial stones for me (around lvl 26-28) just because his skillset, which includes epiphany, is perfect for radial auto-target attacking. Once I get to the Greater Rift itself, I have more trouble with a 'side-scrolling' version of enemy advancement.

Conversely, my Wizard (using ray of frost), doesn't do as well in the trial (usually getting only lvl 23-25) stones simply because her skills aren't great at radial attacking. She spins around and around shooting things, but her linear spell just isn't compatible. But, she shines in the greater rift itself, easily completing the high 20's, just because her linear spell is made for 'side-scrolling' attacking.

My Pet Doctor does great at both, because...Pet Doctor.

I just don't think the trial represents the type of attacking one sees in a Greater Rift, and is therefore, a bad measure of your capabilities. What are your thoughts?
the trials are beyond pointless, the way to beat a Grift in time especially for a FC barb is to skip a lot of stuff that is not bunched up, trials require that you kill every single mob in a certain amount of time which is the complete opposite.

You have to hope you get a trial where stuff does not spread out, then you get a rift stone which is 4-5 lower than your best difficulty. Then after leveling it up you have to hope that you get a Grift that has more than 3 mobs in it every 500 yards of the level. then if you get a rift which is dense you have to hope it is not that one rift boss with that one affix that is impossible( electrified).

Taking out trial rifts and letting you set the difficulty to your highest completed would eliminate a lot of the frustration of leveling a stone up and then getting screwed on density/boss type.
Great points about density and 'mandatory kills', Henchman Nine.
Trials are boring and pointless lazy game design.
I don't necessarily mind trials, but I do agree that they aren't a very good measure of ability. My DH can trial 39-40, but I have a snowball's chance in hell to actually clear that high a grift in under 30 minutes, let alone 15.

09/22/2014 01:51 PMPosted by HenchmanNine
Taking out trial rifts and letting you set the difficulty to your highest completed would eliminate a lot of the frustration of leveling a stone up and then getting screwed on density/boss type.

My only problem with this is that then it becomes A LOT harder to level you gems (which is the only reason I grift to begin with). My three primary leg gems are between 38-39, but the highest solo grift I can complete (so far) is 34. There's virtually no hope for me to continue leveling my gems if I can't get into higher grifts.
try to get high level keys... only few specialized builds can get 48+ keys
They actually work great for measuring things. The best is at measuring blizzards ability to add any kind of metric for class balance. Seeing how the metric they chose for this is greater rifts, which is primarily a RNG cr@pshoot, we can accurately measure how well they have succeeded with their primary goal for patch 2.1 as stated by themselves.

Oh wait you meant for rifts trails and grifts not being useful as a measurement in-game...
Using group trials, to skip the one by one rift difficulty solo climb of the leaderboards, makes the keys very much disposable since there is no lengthy progress to obtain them, and is the fairly obvious path of least resistance.

Search mob types/density + conduit pylon, and decide to stay or leave in the first minute.

Anyone not doing this is stuck at # difficulty, and has a very lengthy, difficult, challenge ahead of them. It's to bad that they'll always be completely overshadowed for their honest hard work.
09/22/2014 02:13 PMPosted by Xeo
Trials are boring and pointless lazy game design.

They actually went out of their way to make trails in their current design. It would have been much easier & direct for them to just have us start at level 1 and then "unlock" tiers we could later select via a user interface menu.

Hopefully they'll realize Trials in their current form only frustrate players, and in a patch or two we'll see them changed for the better.
In a trial rift I have to kill every mob that spawns before the timer runs out. In a Grift I have to rush through skipping solo mobs and certain elites while grouping as much as I can together to kill and a few stragglers left over i skip and move on. This is best way to complete and have time to kill the boss and the mechanism with the trials is the complete opposite.

They are a TERRIBLE way to measure ones ability to Grift. I usually end up with a rift stone that is 5 levels lower than my best completed rift, then I get the rift stone leveled and I have to deal with failing a rift despite killing the boss with ease and not dieing simply because I get a map with NOTHING to kill or I get the RNG electrified boss. Grifts are way to random to make people suffer through pointless stone leveling.

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