What would you look for next

What is your goal? T6 farming? Immortality? GR records eventually? You could roll the soj from str to socket and use the Raekor's boots, but nothing else on your character is really "endgame" I'd say.

To wit:

1. You ruined the Raekor's helm by rerolling a secondary instead of rerolling AR --> CC. That's ok, though, b/c you can use either ik there (for t6 farming) or leorics if you really get serious about barb in higher GR.
2. You need viles
3. You probably need str/cc/cd/cdr on gloves, though that depends on whether you get cdr on both rings or not
4. bk set is nice with the double crit but there are a ton of better weapon options. If you do go 2 x 1h, then you probably want cdr on both weapons, possibly using gift. Generally speaking, however, you want a 2h with some combo of elemental bonus/str/vit/cdr/loh/weapon dmg %. Ias is nowhere on that list for a reason.
5. pants need to be Raekors, str/vit/AR/ 2 os is best, though str/vit/big armor/single resist of choice/2 sockets might be ok as well
6. Belt needs to be PoC, or ik if you're just going for t6 runs, or even possibly a chilanik's for speed clears with a group
7. Regen is worthless or nearly so for higher torment content, loh is much preferable. Best roll is probably str/os/cdr/loh, though you can go with ias there instead if you have loh on weapon.
8. Your soj is incredible, I'd roll that str to an OS and be glad to have one of the best phys soj's in USHC for any class
9. Chest - Raekors or ik, you want str/vit/life%/3 os or str/vit/elite reduction/3 os. AR is not bad in a pinch, though you can't have a single resist with that.
10. Eye of etlich is awesome, esp for Raekor's barb so we don't get eaten alive by lightning, but you can't forego cc OR cd on an ammy. You need both cc/cd, then 2 of str/OS/elemental dmg. Check out mine, I got vit on it instead of str, but that goes really well with my gear since my vit was kind of low.
11. In general, you want ~ 40% cdr before gogok on a Raekor's barb. Come play with me later, the playstyle really takes off when you stack cdr.

I see that you have loh on amulet. It is MUCH preferable to get your loh from paragon/rorg or weapon instead of ammy.
My take would be

+Phys on Bracers
+15% Life on Chest
6 CC on Helm
Ammy: LoH -> Crit Damage (But hard to get on an EoE ammy)

I can't offer much synergistic options with your DW WW since I only use 2handers.
Thanks for the input - I typically either just run solo farming (currently T5 is pretty easy, can do T6 with a little care) or duo farming with a RL friend. I haven't had much interest in trying to push the top of the leaderboards but who knows, that might change once I farm up end-game gear.

I haven't had much time to look for 2.1 viles as I've been spending most of my time on my seasonal monk. I found 2 of them pre-patch that I fs'd because I thought they were no good (no FC damage add yet) - did they add that damage add retroactively and I should be kicking myself harder than for botching up the helm? Heh.

I know I've got at least another full set (helm might actually be the only replacement I'm missing) of Raekor's in stash - at least 3 pairs of the pants, 2 chests, I think 2 more boots - to work with. That stuff was dropping like rain this summer for me.
VW change wasn't retroactive so no need to kick yourself.
You can look at my barb, I'm just trying to replace viles with raekors and boulder breaker with furnace or maximus and putting on IK boots.

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