Efficient, Quality T6 Uber Carry 24X7

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Premier <Unity> Clans offer professional and efficient T6 Uber Carry service around the clock. Find us in the communities tab and click to join: T6 Uber Carry.

Assuring win-win, open uber portal(s) and our clan members will provide a quick and stress free run for you. Average time for a full four boss clear is about 4 mins. Hellfire Amulet mats now drop 100% for the entire party in T6. As the largest active ubers carry community, T6 Uber Carry also offers seasonal ubers carries.

Reply below with feedback on your experience. Please invite your friends if you like TUC. Thanks!

* Example of Ubers Carry (pre-2.1) 3 mins 42 sec: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgmzVze5ygk
* Courteous and helpful top tier clannies and elite players.
* Socialize with fellow players and find other runs.
* Entrance to Unity League Community.
* There are over 170 members including many top notch damage dealers and highly ranked <Unity> Members.

About <Unity>
- Top Leaderboard Rankings http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/14527382727
- GR40+ and T6 efficient, constructively competitive and represented globally
- Average 4-7 mins team T6 rift clear. youtube.com/d3unity
- No.1 edps clan ladder, median plvl of 600. http://www.diabloprogress.com/us/rating.clan_stat_elemental_dps
- No. 1 Barb, DH and Wiz in terms of eedps
- 17 members ranked top 40 class eedps. http://www.diabloprogress.com/us/rating.stat_elemental_elite_dps
- 18 members ranked top 40 class edps. http://www.diabloprogress.com/us/rating.stat_elemental_dps
- Recruitment message:diabloprogress.com/clan/84
TUC post and feedback in legacy LFG forum
Unity League is an open community of Unity Clans, Alliance Clans and friends with over 800 members. We welcome all players to jointly build a mature, vigorous, friendly and helpful community. Internal contests and fun events take place regularly. Check out videos of GR37+, cow level rift and fun encounters: http://www.youtube.com/d3unit
Request to carry can also be made in Unity League Community.
Do you do trials and GR runs for Leg Gem upgrades to 25?
09/26/2014 06:30 AMPosted by Macsio
Do you do trials and GR runs for Leg Gem upgrades to 25?

No, this is uber bosses carry community.
I assume you don't open a portal yourself?
09/30/2014 10:03 PMPosted by Klo
I assume you don't open a portal yourself?

They should be called Uber Leechers, because they just have free uber ingredients from someone's machines.
i would love to join im a lil inexperienced but hope to change that
All carriers are encouraged to open portals in return.

Uber Carries is nothing new, and has been offered by many teams of 1-3 players (Example). Compared to many paid or free T6 carry services currently advertised elsewhere, TUC is meant to provide an alternative with some unique advantages (Post#3). But it should be made abundantly clear that the existing model strongly favors the runners when they choose to gain organs without using keys in return. Because farming keys takes a long time. It's not rewarding enough given the much disputed drop rates for both keys and organs: 25%@T1, increasing to 50%@T6. A T lvl capable player may be better off pulling keys together equally in a 4p team (Post#36, Thanks Mandrikar).

All runners are encouraged to open portals in return and share the burden of providing keys

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