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Unity League Community is a family of top tier Unity Clans and friends with over 2800 members (200-500 active anytime). Most of UL members are mature, active gamers looking to challenge themselves and enjoy D3.

Community Requirements:

UL Community consists of multiple premier Unity Clans, Unity Alliance Clans and individual players. Mighty and inspiring, UL proudly host many top elite players and the most successful clans.

We respect, help and share with each other. We strive to build a mature, friendly and supportive community for everyone. There is no room for any sort of elitism, trolling or flaming. We share the ideal of power and trust in unity. Unity League is open to all like-minded players. Find "Unity League" on communities tab and request to join. Feel free to invite friends and clan mates to UL.

UL Community help all members primarily to,
    1. collaborate for high-tier Greater Rifts and Seasons;
    2. discuss new builds and team strategies;
    3. share all kinds of open games;
    4. maximize number of active players any time;
    5. organize trainings and contests;
    6. socialize across clans.

All members are required to follow,
Unity Values: • Be respectful of others • Help each other and share • Play actively and have fun
Ground Rules: 1.No flaming or trolling. 2.No excessive swearing. 3.No botting or spamming.

For more information, check out Unity wiki site, DP page and Google+ site.

Quick facts about <Unity>
  • Top Greater Rift Leaderboard Rankings - http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/14527382727
  • GR50+ ready, constructively competitive and represented globally
  • Multiple legit Top100 GR teams: youtube.com/d3unity
  • No.5 plvl clan ladder. http://www.diabloprogress.com/us/rating.clan_stat_paragon2
  • Clan Membership Requirements, Unity Clans at a Glance, and UL Composition: http://d3unity.wikia.com/wiki/UL

Hope to see you in Unity League soon. Welcome to the family!
Thank you,
Welcome <SoS><Aus><TLD><TGFC> Unity Alliance Clans to join the partnership!
Looking for GR40+ ready members.
Welcome TDB Thunderbolt to join Unity Alliance.
welcome our newest partner <秒殺團> to join Unity Alliance. 秒殺團 is a very successful clan on leaderboards and the top clan represented in Asia.
How do we define success? Absolutely not just by leaderboard rankings. High ranks is one of the necessary outcomes of a successful clan.

A successful clan offers positive culture, motivating goal and core values that allow members to stay the course together for the long term. Success is also measured by innovative ideas, builds and team strategies.
All Unity Clan members are required to be in Unity League.

Collaboration across clans in higher GR can be effective only when all team mates share similar values and ideal, and there is no drama or elitism attitude.
UL is looking for GR40+ ready members.
Membership Requirements, Roadmap, Unity Clans at a Glance, and UL Composition:

Active Daily Player here. Looking to join a good helpful guild that doesn't screw people over.

Main Toon - Barbarian - Lvl 70 - PLvl 143 for now.

I try and hit 10 - 20 PLvl's or more; for every single day. I need a good helpful guild to rely on to get me to my goal of PLvl 300 by the end of October 2014. And then hopefully reach PLvl 400 by the end of November 2014.

I need a good reliable guild with heavy hitters PLvl 300 or higher to help me achieve this goal.

Checking on this post every day starting now and looking for replies.
Effective October 10, 2014, to obtain and maintain membership of Unity Clans you will need to

1. Stay committed to Unity’s Goal and Values, and obey ground rules anytime anywhere in game.

2. Play at least weekly.

3. Have reached Paragon Level 500 (Normal) or 400 (Seasonal).

4. Rank Top 500 on any class solo or team Greater Rift Leaderboard.

5. Have multiple T6 efficient classes.
950 members milestone.
Looking to partner with additional top clans
1003 members. Join Unity League for quality GR groups.
At UL, members are expected to be helpful and supportive for others. There is no room for trolls or players with bad attitude.
Anyone who shares Unity Values is welcome to join us.

• Be respectful of others • Help each other and share • Play actively and have fun
1070+ members.

Prospective alliance partner clan - IMP - top clan based in Brazil.
1100+ members
Hey guys, our community just gained three new UL partner clans: <KOR> 한인채널, an active and competitive Korean clan; <D3P>Pilipinas, a top tier clan based in the Philippines; <IMP>IMPÉRIO, a top Brazilian guild.

We will be sharing open games and collaborating for GR. Welcome to the UL community!
1170+ members

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